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Henderson Rawson tells me APS is adapting to providing an, education, for non, traditional students, up of national gymnast you have somebody who may be. An artist we had a student that was. Traveling to Brazil with her mother but didn't wanna miss school these type of students this is a great option for? Them interested in Rawson APS executive director of institutional technology says the district also provide students with a laptop. And WI fi hotspot Bodey Brooks WSB Senator Richard Blumenthal presses members. Of the Trump administration to take ownership of the family separation policy anyone tell me Who's responsible Nobody knows no one responded when he asked for a show of hands from those who think it's, worked, out, Illinois Democrat dick Durbin calls for homeland security secretary to Nielsen to. Resign Georgia congressman more in state businesses will suffer from the. President's tariffs David, Scott says Georgia grows a full third of the nation's pecans and fifty to seventy percent of that is bought. By China now jacking up tariffs by. Forty percent he notes cokes feeling the pinch to because of aluminum colas prices on his sodas going up who's going to pay, that price, the consumers, dot notes the White House wants to bail out farmers with billions, of dollars but they don't want government handout. And checks they won't free open market that they have worked, for generations. Dakota vague, he says it's time to. Walk back the tariffs. Veronica waters WSB Proctor and gamble is hiking prices on some of its most, popular products, including, pampers bounty, paper towels Sharman, toilet paper and, puff c. Average list price will go up about four or five percent p. and g. says it's.

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