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Access it they're all of our content is free to sell this past week Boris Johnson comes out and says he supports a new deal for Iran and it should be called the trump deal let's listen to what he had to say on BBC making this announcement here is our first global media spotlight how for me to cover stories about America or that are important to America the prime minister just a few days ago talking about this deal even for Donald Trump talks about this deal envoys to America everybody will say will be able to get rid of this nuclear deal the G. C. P. away right is what from once we get rid of the the G. my point to our American friends he's look somehow or other we've got to stop the Iranians acquiring a nuclear weapon I think that's the most that's what the the the talking to points remain dots that is good but if we're gonna get rid of it then we need a replacement not a problem with the G. C. P. LA is basically a gives visit is the crucial thing wives this tension the problem with the the agreement is a from the American perspective it's a floor to remove it expires plus it was negotiated by president Obama and it has made it from that point if you'd has many many faults well if we get rid of it let's for placing a let's replace it with the trump deal okay that's what we need to see that and I think that would be a great way for president trump is a great deal maker buys any content and many others let's let's work together to replace the G. C. P. away okay and get the trump deal instead can I choose you okay so that's the Boris Johnson the prime minister boy I mean that's a sales pitch you want everybody to hear this this is new information even his language of course after this is done truck comes out says I love this idea but there are no accidents is a version of the truth of it's coming from somebody like that it doesn't just arrive at their no accidents this version of the truth what is going on we move next to one of our voices mark from the U. K. I chatted with before the program I asked him why his prime minister Boris Johnson is pushing a trump overall I'm deal on the BBC it's one of the top rating is something that's he already talked about before I mean in the policy Europe including the UK has been pretty United on the fact that it's a night light the previous still be a bomber negotiated deal they like to that they wanted to keep that one going and so the United States walls the road on the on that particular deal again and I hate to bring everything back to it but I think it's brexit again this is because what we're looking at here is that Donald dot sorry Boris Johnson is very keen to showed strong and foster progress on the free trade deal with the United States something far bigger and deeper than Europe skulls and he wants to show that so he can achieve that because Britain is even a you at their full brexit is going to be successful now I'm sure there has been something on the back channels where the trump administration is set to the British government you know if you support toss with Iran and all position or the wrong because at the moment the United States is rather isolated on their opinion about Iran if you support us or not your own position we feel that she helped move the trade negotiations for and foster and I'm convinced this is something to do with the with Boris Johnson's announcement about that also just a general message that he wants to stop twisting the year K. away from Europe because of breaks that I and bring it into more of that land take us sphere will with close contacts with the United States he sees that as being a popular move many brexit supporters do in fact support that they support so far closer relation with the U. S. than Europe so he thinks that's going to play well to his base which frankly he he is probably right yeah so if Boris Johnson now moves away from Europe a on the on the Iran deal what what is the reaction been by the other members in Europe France Germany the big ones Europe is already set that it it don't ages that Iran has broken the deal now I see wrong said he would off to the United States pulled out and the and the and Europe without Britain is now saying it's going to start the process to punish Iran for breaking the deal so they see their dealers dated you say doesn't mean hole of marks on that mark I didn't under I didn't understand you did you say that Europe was going to start the process of punishing Iran or stop the process of punishing Iran start start off okay just yet it has the knowledge that Iran has now broken the deal fleet the apartment because Shakespeare is broken that so Europe has got no real choice now but to start the process of bring in the with bringing in the the sanctions or whatever it chooses because Iran has broken that deal so that deal has has gone and ready Frank the many ways your site you're wrong broke it because Europe was perfectly prepared to keep going with the deal even if the United States is pulled out now because we got the British situation whether sorry we're going to move towards the trump angle so that oversee is further strength full wrote for a trump position deal with Iran but we haven't seen that happen yet so with the other European countries thank god light the wrong the trump deal they don't want to give trump that say lead to own base already credit for this because I you simply don't think he deserves it they were perfectly happy with the deal before so it's yeah I mean this that that first deal is dead what happens next is frankly anyone's guess ready if Boris Johnson uses the the as you mentioned the this idea of a trouble Ron deal is is really a way to get a favorable trade deal with the United States how would Europe reactors doesn't he's got to do a trade deal with Europe also you see Europe saying okay we're either gonna have to take the position that were were on board with this trump idea for our own interests or they have to take the opposite which is we have to say that were against the trump deal because that'll help our interest as it pertains to breakfast trade deal yeah well you you've already hits all and what really is the knob off the problem we've brexit the situation is Britain cannot have a close tariff free borderless tried to deal with Europe which you once at the same time having a very close trade deal with the United States it just calling happened that is they mutually incompatible if Britain sciences of very close trade deal with the United States then the E. you will Dimond border checks on goods coming out all the U. K. into Europe because they may not come full they property what's in fact can full with E. U. regulations and the so you've got there now a major trade going on between the US and the UK goods to fly into the year K. American goods specially food specially agriculture I wish then coasted link into the E. C. U. doesn't one so it's going to say what if you do this with with Britain with the United States then then we are going to have to have boulders and yet the British government still maintaining that they can have both they can have a close trading deal with the US and a friction free tariff free deal with the E. U. and that many people are actually pointing out that's going to be extremely hard if not impossible so the actual brexit happens in what a week and a half is that correct the end of this month that's right it it happens made not European time all in the generate thirty first now then Britain moves into what's being called a transitional period for the rest of twenty twenty know what this means is that frankly not much changes Britain won't be but what be round the table in the E. U. ready show European members of parliament have already left Europe the European Parliament now because it rose yet this week what city get into fabric now so reddish MEPs are no longer there and so but Britain will have to will be following all the E. U. rules regulations until the end of December and and then when it will buy C. walks what do they say the effect on the ground will be many people are predicting that the transitional phase will get extended who knows again we just we just are not Boris Johnson said he will never do that others just site he will have no choice because you work at a trade deal signed with the a you know all the U. S. in under a year trade deals normally take seven to ten years on average to negotiate that's Margot voice of the United Kingdom to get us started on this edition of voice to America interesting to see that brexit of course affecting everything and I think he's right obviously with Bo Joe coming out Saul was stridently and Salwa energetically for this you know what's called the trump deal this new Arron deal and of course it has to do with brexit of course that's to do with America trying to negotiate the trade deal with them coming up later on the program we're gonna go into China and find out how their media over there covered phase one and the signing this past week which of course was hugely under reported here by our corporate media in the United States China and the United States signed something they've course Pat themselves on the back and said it was a great trade deal that's gonna help everybody but again where are we on the food chain if the she's in paying a Donald Trump or the very top of that pyramid saying it's a win win deal what's the real truth for people like you and me that's coming up later I'm Tony for.

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