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To two we are trying to dig a bit into the story that is on everyone's mind today which is the immigration the buckle down the borders we're waiting for a press conference we are waiting for harris harris huckabee saying sarah huckabee standards sarah huckabee sanders yes to give us an update on the administration's policy as it pertains to the separation of families at the border right now we have someone who's going to help sort through some of this with us this is jessica vaughan the director of policy studies center for immigration studies jessica welcome to the program thank you to be with you we're happy to have you one of the things i believe you are going to discuss with us it was the millions of dollars being put into programs to help undocumented immigrants fight federal efforts to deport them zach wrecked yes yes happy to talk about whatever you'd like to but this is an interesting budget item ten million dollars for lawyers to hire for the state to hire lawyers to help unaccompanied minor stay in the united states i i guess california doesn't have or have any other pressing problems or needs from american kids or legal immigrant kids or veterans or any of the other groups that that needs some help but you know this is a lot of this legal work is of course already done for free by advocacy groups and pro bono work by law firms but this you know certainly will help them they you know these programs like to receive these kinds of state appropriations 'cause they can get paid for something that they're now doing for free but it's not really going to change this this is the kind that's to me is the kind of weeds in this problem this immigration story that it's hard to know if you're not boots on the ground services are being provided we're just going to help pay for people that already providing these services so it's not gonna substantively change anything.

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