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This one broke his maiden around two turns last time in his second. Start. Those are the three leading hate the money the inside three will be longer shots, but you land here. This was this was an interesting race. Besides for me for those outside three runners. Yeah, I think Muccio goose gonna make an easy lead. And that's going to spell trouble for the rest of the field. If. If you look at this race, others really not much speed in here. I mean, you see easy shot. He he has little bit. He was running for claiming price. I'll be eighty and a hundred magnificent Makul his interior pace numbers are slow Lucho Gustavo. He he can he can bring it. He's got good speed. He can also finish in his late pace numbers are getting better eighty eight ninety one ninety three. So that's that's pretty solid in this field. No contest. Oh has a ninety eight ninety seven late pace numbers. But his his early pace numbers. He can't keep up with mutual Gustavo. So he's gonna have to utilize his energy a little earlier if he's going to win this race. You know, it's kind of. Easy to pick Baffert in a scene the Nida derby prep race. But I mean, I don't see who can change Muccio Guzzo early. And if he gets a loan f- kind of lead the closers aren't gonna win gunmetal Grey's gotten into a really back early on. I would be concerned about him. If I was training that he's he's kind of getting into a come from the clouds kind of mode. You know? I'm very curious. See I don't necessarily think if if mutual Gustav wants to lead his and he can be two or three in front now you and I are a little old school. If I were Bob Baffert and Joe Talamo. That's what I would do. I would try to bottom this field out the problem with that is, you know, you're not really worried about winning the the Bob Lewis trying to win the Kentucky Derby. So I don't know if that is beneficial to him for the long run and Bob Africa, one of the best getting ready for the first day. So I don't think that will be I don't think those will be the instructions. I it's very hollow contest those speed because in his first starting to sprint. He got. The limited at the start. Joel lost irons. He got bothered leaving out of that from the rail. And that was it and the next time they stretch him out. And he's you know, he's laughed onto the leaders. He's never wanted to Lenz from the league. Now, they didn't go as fast as you would think which goose owes gonna go. But if I'm right, and they don't let mutual who. Gustavo fires fastest. He should early gonna drag a horse like no low contestant into the race. Easy shots. Not really without speed. I don't know what the plan was last time. He. Comments is chased. He wasn't really chasing. You know? He wasn't far off it when he broke his maiden for the eighty thousand. He's just not very good. And I don't know if you go very far, right? But that doesn't stop him from running for a half mile. See that's weird. Even if they blast him off. I mean, I just think goose oh has more natural speed. I mean, I don't think they have to like go hell bent for leather. Joe Talamo doesn't have to send this horse. I think just gonna fall into the lead and certainly resort is not going to gun for the leader doesn't need to. He can sit off mutual Gustavo. I mean, he's he's probably the horse to beat. You know for mutual goose oh to worry about because you're one hundred percent, correct. He he doesn't come from the clouds. He can stay closer up. He's going to be in the garden. Spot all the way around there..

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