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With Rasa Kaye? They, are the words some people dread back to school time to start spending on clothes and supplies and this year parents are expected to spend more than three hundred dollars per child as Alessandria. Melito of marketwatch tells us there are some places where you can get tax remerchandised why have as many as sixteen states eliminated state taxes Larry sixteen states that are participating in tax holidays and it. Could be as short as a weekend or as long as an entire week where they're giving parents a little bit of a break so if you are back to school shopping district little bit earlier than than some may consider the north and you could get It you could get as many as you. Want but it has to? Be under a certain threshold and then you'll get your get tax free, discount is this movement that's spreading it used to be. Just a few states, that were doing this right yeah so I mean I think it's become pretty. Common and Allstate's participate in it but that's also because some you know every state is different. So there are some states where they just don't have sales tax on anything so. This isn't an issue and then there are some states, where, they do have sales tax for most things but the items that you would typically buy for back to school clothing are so where they they don't or they have limited taxes on they. Charge taxes on them Alexandra how do retailers perceive this is this something they push forward to help them boost their bottom line Well I think everybody is just. Taking a different approach? To back to school shopping so some companies, are pushing back to school shopping earlier and it, might not necessarily be because of this tax rate. Shopping but just the fact that parents are looking to get really good deals because you can't, spend? Hundreds. Of dollars between, books are general supplies and clothes and things like that and, it could start as early, as mid, July for a lot. Of parents especially because of Amazon Amazon prime day there was research vessel jested, about forty percent of prime. Day shoppers are actually buying school supplies we're speaking with Allesandro Melito of marketwatch what, are some of the typical deals are they limited can you point to any specifics for some, deals I would say well aside from this tax free shopping you couldn't do. Some comparison shopping online you? Could set up like deal alerts and things like that are you could Person suggested using like this kind of, gift, cards that could kind of help, you you know you you pay a. Certain amount that get a little bit more on the gift. Card and um Things like that but definitely comparison shop online it's not all about in store you could do you could get a lot of. Good deals if you are? Just. Taking a, little bit more time I think news recently came. Out that low income parents are more likely to apply for credit, cards to pay for school supplies is that a good idea no. I mean, it's not a good idea could be very risky you don't, necessarily want to have a balance on any credit cards and interest rates could be as high as thirty percent or more but unfortunately if their kids do need clothes or they do need supplies a lot of people are turning to credit. Cards as one of the ways, to get there are, some, of, the supplies that. Schools require now involve computers and things that are more expensive or what kinds of supplies are we talking about. So I would, say it's pretty it's pretty basic pens pencils notebooks things like that I don't know. That, also Schools require students to have tablets I mean obviously we live in a row now whereas our phones are very helpful for students doing their homework on the go but it seems like it's. Coming from all angles Allesandro Melito, of marketwatch it's thirty, minutes, after, the hour on. This Morning America's first news.

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