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That if democrats are elected again in the near future the blowback is going to be ridiculous read the only permanent changes that trump has made are the courts and the tax cuts everything else can be reversed by the democrats and it will be and not only will it be they'll will go so far left that it will be wild it will be just insane and that's because the partisanship that is that has been elevated and promulgated in pushed really really hard chad says haven i'm a longtime fan have you ever lost a political debate on your opinion would you say your opinion was changed during a debate awesome calling bs that you can benchpress two hundred pounds crowder will back me on this i know i can actually benchpress two hundred pounds can't do it like it's on the time but i can mention france two hundred pounds it has my opinion ever been change roommate not during a debate i would say but i've their many debates where people will give me facts that i haven't thought about before and i'll go up and look them up and see how that changes my opinion i would say that there are a couple of areas in my career change my opinion pretty significantly adding legalization of marijuana is one of those and we talked about that today christopher says i'm in the military in with the new policy that will allow transgender serve alongside me i'll be forced use pronouns in which i disagree including it at functions outside of work they'll could our families such as christmas or holiday parties like you i don't want my children be confused prefer to sacrifice myself on behalf of my children i feel like the sacrifice i make everyday's enough and asked me to do it comes along with this beyond what i've conveyed is too much yes i could avoid these situations but milestones like me advancing to the next pay great i don't want to have excluded children what should i do or how would you handle this well i mean i'm sorry that these are the rules that the military is pushing i really hope that madison does it i hope that trump does it and the courts that are attempting to stop this are acting way outside the brief i think it's absurd that the government should have any policy cracking.

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