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He does for the jazz. You can follow him on Instagram at the chef a z, and you can see pictures of food. Maybe even the scallops look amazing. Beautiful weather. Oh, it's spring. Seventy four degrees. Tomorrow seventy five Sunday sixty three with a little bit of rain. But today they tomorrow, we got sunshine. Looks beautiful weather is brought to you by LA chum used cars. They have over one thousand used vehicles and inventory with six locations or sandy Murray and Ogden ninetieth south plus trucks and imports located in sandy or LA Chen used. Cars. All right. Let's see what's going on with traffic. Now. It's been a little bit. Crazy this morning. We've got a crash at southbound I two fifteen west around forty one hundred south west valley city that should be cleared out about nine thirty. So give yourself some time or take another route there. North temple and around fortieth west is looking like that's out a little bit of a standstill. And I think those are the big updates for now. All right. Thank you, very. Well, here's Boehner candidate number three. I said right turn a fifty one year old. Coco beach woman is accused of pointing a gun at another woman after the victim would not turn right at a red light whole according to an arrest. Report penny Herndon was charged with two counts of aggravated assault. She she the victim was driving west on highway fifty Titusville and stopped at a red light. The victim was going to merge onto interstate ninety five according to the arrest report. The woman told investigators she saw.

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