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They come contact. So mom ways around so marie. Actually you have given me an idea. I'm sure christine idea for a future. Check the score conversation that we can have. I appreciate that so listen couple minutes left in the show. There's tons more. We talk about which means it was a good week in review but i do wanna leave a little time for our hubs which are short local stories or events that caught our attention this week briefly. Edward you bring us so. I noticed this week. It was hard to find small news and we could big news but that the gun club at old social club from one hundred twenty five years ago. We opened on wednesday and boston. It's inside is is beautiful under nate. I'm they have like you can pull back a bus in secret. Thorough pence bruce. Wayne's house in the old batman tv series. They literally have that so on but it caught my attention. Because there's a post pandemic boom and socializing in social clubs. This club is gonna try to be more diverse with more more minorities more people who don't have a lot of money who you know how some sort of things to contribute some curious to see if boston can sort of. Reinvented elite after the pandemic. and i'm watching. How the agoin club does it. all right. And marie i think you brought something animal oriented for yes is just simply something but i said even the baby doug trying to find a way out of this and so i believe it's so we had to get on five eighty Be famed out of a storm. Drains probably trying to figure out ways to get cool and we had to get rescued. Take air them and saugus. We had a similar same where we had. Firefighters tried to rescue a little baby ducklings from westfalen through a sewer gate in order to make certain that they're safe. So that's my hub of their love. Animal hubbub okay. Chris lightning round for you. What hubbub did you bring us today. I'm going to give you my slot for folks who might need a chuckle. Not usually a social media guy but i found something that might convince me to sign up for instagram. There's a gloucester resonant. This broads attention by billy baker the globe aguas resident and john stevens whose hobby is to basically post up outside the blind men bridge and canal and gloucester and tape amateur boaters struggling to get through the canal. 'cause it's really tight strong currents and they have all sorts of trouble doing so and of course he provides absolutely blistering commentary. I should warn you. There are so many expletives in there as well but it's minor stuff but it's something to chuckle out and i know it's not for everybody but you know what they say. T's whatever floats your boat. Laurie all right radio. Boston's chris citric. Thanks for joining us chris. Also marie saint floor former massachusetts state representative and now a principal at saint communications and the ceo of a cannabis company and ed lyons a massachusetts republican activists and political writer. Chris thanks marie. thanks so much. Thank you down and add appreciate. It have a great weekend. Thank you all right folks. That's our show for today. Radio boston is produced by jamie bologna. Chris citric walter wolfman and amanda beland. We had help today from allie audette. Our engineers marquess..

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