Bensenville, $42 Billion, $600 Million discussed on Chicago's Afternoon News


Governor Pritzker says Illinois is on track to head into Face five sometime next week because went from last in the division to first in the division First game of June tonight at Wrigley Against the Padres, Socks or in Cleveland, more in sports and in business markets closed mixed today. We'll check the numbers in just a moment, WGN. Eisenhower 52 heading out to Ban Heim on Lee 23 inbound Stevenson 55 out to the tri state. Some inbound delays in 2 53. An accident on the album side of the Ryan of 18th and Slow inbound from 31st Lakeshore Drive already building from north to Chicago. I 80 kids et tu 94 in Woodridge. An accident. 53 75th, also in Antioch around 1 73 just west of 45 In Bensenville, it York and Jefferson family gatherings. Summer cookouts vacations. It's time to get back to the things we've missed. By getting protected with a covert 19 vaccine. Do your part. Find out more at Corona Virus that Illinois Dat Gove Merry Band of LGBT on traffic Central. The Illinois Legislature worked past it's midnight deadline to approve a $42 billion state budget early this morning, and now Governor Pritzker's putting his signature on it. For the third straight year, I'll sign into law. Another balanced budget for Illinois that demonstrates fiscal responsibility works with a progressive vision of governance. Budget generates $600 million in additional revenue by closing corporate tax breaks. It also meets the state's commitment, too, boost evidence based K through 12 funding for public schools and pays down $2 billion in debt. But skirt also addressed the pandemic in Illinois this afternoon.

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