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Get away from daddy anyway. So you know so funny. Though like as an athlete like sometimes growing up is like we've never really heard about like the black colleges as far as sports in his funny because there are so many great black african american players who went to african american schools that we just didn't know the history of that in like it's like the first thing that came to us was a good at texas stadium. Or you know lsu or alabama like it wasn't go to morehouse or go to all these different places and it was just which i just find it interesting and i always think to myself like if i didn't play sports have changed that experience time. Yeah you know a lot of a lot of folk. I mean you know when i was growing up you know people were so proud of walter payton new when i think he went to jackson state doug williams went to grandma and i think and so you know there's a period of time where these predominantly white institutions weren't available to us. I remember growing you know when i was in high school bear bryant walking into cafeteria. 'cause we had at the time and we had a powerhouse high school football team. You know so. You know the wassily brothers. So wisely played with the washington redskins. George juan's lee. Who played with the baltimore. Colts nathan wisely who played with the tampa. Bay buccaneers all of them came out of high school. We kind of like a farm team for mississippi state and ole miss and then those who didn't go there ended up going to jackson state southern Morehouse You know going to hp us and so is really remarkable. When i look back on it My little small town on the coast of mississippi man. You know the people who've come out of that place the place that they think just full of people who don't have any ambition when in fact when you look at it on the ground you know it's just some amazing stuff that happens. Amazing will come out of their. You're growing up My family.

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