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It's forest all the tight end who's very close to the first down, and now we have to check on the laundry down on the field. The flag, Tiki was 12 right away at the line of scrimmage. He's not on the line astern its five year penalty. Repeat third down, Alex Leatherwood Way heard the tale in the left tackle, not on the line of scrimmage and illegal formation penalty will nullify what would have been a first down day. Yeah, that's a tough mistake's for the senior from Pensacola left tackle Alex Leatherwood. He's the he's the anchor. Even though he's on the edge. He's the anchor of this offensive line. He's out there right now holding his hands up like, what are you talking about? Ref? I was up there way want me to do step off sides? It's it's a bad mistake because it's now third down and really long, TJ. Gotta be with in some range of the center, at least along the line. That's what they called running up wrong. 13 15 Jones takes the snap fires deep down the middle double coverage and it's incomplete. He was looking long down the middle of the field at that time and could not come up with the receiver Bolden, who had tried to break free but was double covered, and that'll bring up fourth down, And will it be a long field goal? It looks like it will be a front instead win for the Auburn defense. This is a big win, especially after that that first Inefficient first drive for all burn get backed up because of penalty on the kickoff return, and ultimately three plays in a punk ending with the sack. Tony Scott, I'll take it away for Auburn. He lies stove is back. Deeper. Receiver calls fair catch at the 10 yard line, and Auburn will take it. They're for their second possession. The game way have no score with Alabama and Auburn 11 23 to go in the opening quarter. We take a quick break. This isn't football on Compass media networks. Human picks off the rebound for Michigan State. Spartans Clean 35 19 quickly on the drive calculated a Tomahawk care call my good, discern Henry, the freshman showing it all he has six crossover around highball stream back out to against chicken pox for three and eight legs. Zesty drills it around the guy. Let's go on three. That guy makes the 30 my goodness. It's football. It's right here first and gold out of the four homes fakes a handoff rolling left. He's got plenty of room build five pilot eases touchdown packed with the whole get led straight ahead big hole because I've got to go with the five across town brother's head into the Angel's touch ground, Cowboys first and goal from the two formation. Highsmith is under center turn gives the Peterson games to get the last one to the end zone. To protect his home and family from disaster. Steve used courage, wisdom on.

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