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I mean, we would play Nintendo baseball like just regular Nintendo baseball when Genesis was already out just as but we'd still go back to school. And we've just he would just play that shit did repeat. Did you have to hide the CD from your parents? Oh, my parents. My my Russian mother didn't give a fuck jazz in my business. It wasn't like you know, what I mean? My I had like, my my mom was liked be a boy, man. She was like go out like she's like don't come back until like, eight PM and eat dinner. She was not in my shit shots. Yeah. Real she first of all I of all she fucking put a macro spell, and she knew I was a good boy. Right. Second of all. I fucking work. I was doing I didn't give a fuck about anything. But money. That's right. I was fucking working it snowed. My mom wasn't worried that I was in a basement with a bunch of kids drinking because it was snow after work into shoveling. She knew exactly where it was ding Dong. Would you give me twenty bucks to shovel your driveway? Like I fucked with fucking working artists. Gotta do it. It's one thing that you culturally were at that time when it mattered to me in matters way. More to me on the shit. We DM about the entrepreneurs the fact that you guys are iconic and torn seven fuck about like, you're my kind of people in. Likewise. Thank you know. Pleasure. I got really again last question. And I read something about this. I mean in your book, do you still think Alexis the way to go because of the whole I think I think everybody's going to be like Alexa, play cypress hill. This is going to be a lot of music. This. This this right there. What I just did is a lot of what's going to happen. Alexa, louder because I was going to get it. And then the whole that whole controversy happen. I was going to get it because you said no more than anybody. Even if they're watching live your fucking life. True that there it is. That's true. Right. I literally for the last eight years because I knew this was all going to happen to me have been living my life on the record every meeting every interaction. I've I just knew in my heart. I knew this was going to happen for me. I was like fuck it. I'm not gonna give one person at actually knows me anything other than I'm best fucking, dude. It's gonna live my life. Cool. Hell, yeah..

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