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Of the Matthew Broderick suggested Matt's you and he met with Mellon they talked and and and then that's It could make a year that's a solid year commitment right when you sign up for something like that. Yes. Absolutely and had you know known matthew before? Had you certainly not worked with him? But well, we had both provided voices in the Lion King Oh sure he the original lion sure. Isn't that crazy to say that now? And Manziel yet matthew was has he likes to say. Adult. Simba. And I? I was tomorrow in the Mir cads oath. We we I think we met you know at the press stuff. At the yeah. Well, yeah. Our the at the premiere or something I didn't really know him. Well, I have seen him I can remember running into him on streams. Doing Brighton Beach Memoirs Lee. Sort of very. Impressive debut in the Neil, Simon lay in a Tony for that and and I, stopped him on the street to say you know how great I thought he was. Very was very matthew. Broderick, very shy A. And then he ran away. Sorghum. How we really became Fred was doing that show together it was a bonding experience life. Dream sweet. Do Show. Fedex has been used to mail everything from urging contracts to three and a half year old panda named Bao. But when overnight shipping I came along. No one knew customers would really pay more for the service in for a while they didn't in fact at one point Fedex was in such dire straits founder Fred Smith went to Vegas to gamble the company's future at the blackjack table. WHOA that's crazy. Wondering show business wars goes deep inside the biggest corporate rivalries of all time. In their latest series they unblocks the shipping wars as upstart Fedex takes on the behemoth ups Listener Fedex versus ups on Business Wars on Apple podcasts spotify or the.

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