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Then we had back to back drives, which ended the game. Welcome back to Britain. Gold wrapped Larry Krueger channel on Dennis Brown after nine or football on the sports leader. Taking some of your calls here, date away can be our, um, John, you were you and I were were e I guess either mentioned are attached on the tweet. That says the 40 minutes have gone seven straight games without an explosive run. They've got 196 rushing attempts without an explosive run. It's defined as a run of 20 plus yards. And really, you know, this is where football is all tied together, and they don't you know, during the Harbaugh era they had Ted Ginn. You know, Bill Walsh brought in Ronaldo, Nehemiah. It wasn't because he loved track and field. Okay? The Niners last year and you know had in the last couple years have had marquees Goodwin. They don't have a deep threat. Not that it would matter because they really, I mean, I you potentially could be that, but they don't really have a true stretch The field take the top off the defense burner. And they don't have a quarterback who's got arm strength, so you don't have to defend that. And it's all about defending the entire the entire width and length of the field. But you don't have to do that against foreigners because they don't have a receiver that can beat you deep and then on the quarterback, If you do get beat deep that can actually get it there without it hanging in the air and giving you plenty of time. To recover and make a play on the ball. So no deep threat means everybody is leaning forward. And if you watch the all 22 if you don't you should, um you'll see, you'll see what it looks like. And when you have get everybody leaning forward And everybody's thinking I can't get beat over the top. Guess what happens? You don't have big plays in the run game, and I think a big part of cow. Shanahan's play calling is getting those explosives. In the run game, and that has been lacking this year, and I think they go hand in hand. We'll let me give the heart. Let me do the hockey assist. Don't flip it on over to Dennis, but it's Chris Babcock did. This does a great job with stats with with Papa and Tim for the others have gone seven straight games on an explosive run? That's 196. Rushing attempts. The Cowboys were tied, allowing the most explosive runs coming into the game with 16 so you would have thought they would have gotten one. Dennis to me if you don't respect the quarterback. If you don't respect the quarterback and throw the ball deeper, throw the ball really it all you're just looking towards the running game. They know that team's gonna come in and want to run the football. So what I would say is, it's really difficult when everybody pretty much knows what you want to do. And the reason why they had to have Nick throw the ball so many times is, obviously they fell behind and they had to continue to catch up all day long. But how much? How much easier is it defensively? When you don't respect the quarterback to stop the run game? Yeah, I mean, if you could make any team any any offense when Dimension Oh, it's favored for the defense. And you, You look at this game today against the Cowboys and the 40. Niners had a running game. You don't have to depend on Nick Mullins toe, throw the ball down the field, you just eating them to manage the game. Get the ball to his playmakers and let him work the middle of the field. But when you lose your rocking moster, and you go away from your run game, and now it falls on your quarterbacks shoulders and he has to make some of those throws and then you just kind of sit back because you understand that he's not gonna He's gotta throw it over your head. He's gonna throw everything in the middle of the film, and you can kind of sit. You know a linebacker safety if you could just sit and wait and read his eyes, and I think one of those pigs that's exactly what it was. You just kind of sit And you wait, you understand, And he's not throwing outside the numbers. He's looking for some something in the middle, so in the middle of the football field, so if you wait long enough and watch his eyes, you'll get a pick. And that's that's the book on Nick Molins. He's not going to beat you outside the numbers. He's gonna look for something inside. He's gonna beat you over the top. So that's why it's so important for the 40 Niners to have that running game, especially if you're gonna have a Nick Bolin just back there, because if you stacked the box, you shut down the run, and he's got a beach with his arm and he just can't do it. And Dennis. You sat in those meetings where the defensive coordinator says Guys, This is what we got this week. You know, I spent hours my eyes. They're bleeding. I've spent so many hours watching game film. Let me tell you what I saw. Let me tell you what you don't have to defend, and this week as opposed to last week. This week. You know, we'll get weak. We gotta make sure we're defending the middle of the field. You got to read the quarterback's eyes. He can't throw it over your head, and suddenly you've got that quarterback in a box, you know, and there's very limited. He's got limits to what he could do. Let's take another one here. Nick's hanging in Arizona and he wants to jump in. Hey, Nick. Niccolo. You with a spud hate? Yeah. Larry. John Dennis. How you guys doing? Hey, man, we're doing good. Well, alright on a Merry Christmas Happy New Year. So I just wanted there's a couple things I wanted to touch on. But so you know, I don't think Molins is they gotta put better than their, um, moments has got to go. I know both. They gotta make a decision on both of them At the end of the year. I'd rather see better. If you've got a stronger arm he could get, you know, get the ball into tighter spaces and throw further, obviously, um, But I think they still could have won this game even with the two turnovers they had before Mullins through the two picks. The offensive line is terrible. I know they're hurt, but I hate to admit it after the but weapon they got yesterday, But I'm a big Notre Dame sans. So this stuff going on with my Gran? She doesn't surprise me because he was the same way college. He was good with run blocking, But he was terrible in pass through. But the thing that I wanted to get your comments on what And the reason why I called it because that beginning of the show, Larry you first mentioned about Thailand. It's play calling I You know this whole thing about the Super Bowl. I hated Bill back to it, but I think it was this play calling at the end of the game that really lost the forum. Even if Jimmy completed that passed, there was still enough time for the Chiefs to go back and score after that, but then even going back to Atlanta. They blew.

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