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Getting the best advice on safety guidelines as they look to reopen. Alex Cullen, managing director of Actors Express tells WSB radio artists saved by doing basement weather in rehearsals, making sure that people are staying 16 apart even while there were her sitting in the same room together and then on Lee coming together when they're on stage, and they said that there is good Robyn Walensky 95.5 WSB WSB news time 7 41 already working on tomorrow's initiative. Atlanta's morning news. Don't miss our special in depth report on how George number one industry is weathering things under the pandemic Umbrella. What has some Georgia farmers feeling anxious, and others relieved. I'm wsb Sabrina Cupid. That's first thing tomorrow Morning company West. Maybe we're all just mellows joins us once again hear the chance of rain today, Kirka. What do you think, compared to the next couple of days to get a little easier today? Oh, definitely Still expecting plenty of dry hours to go around today despite having some showers in the area as we speak both on the North side, and the Southside Heaviest is down between stone pressed and Stockbridge over towards Walnut Grove, Covington Social Circle. They're moving Generally towards the west Northwest at about 20 Miles an hour. Look for a high today around 79 Load Night around 66 tomorrow. Mostly cloudy. Breezy showers. 60% likely daytime 80% overnight high 71 Thursday cloudy, breezy rain 100% likely heavy at times high 73 Low 66 recapping a forecast for today. Mostly cloudy, little breezy a times a couple of isolated showers, mainly the first half the day in a high around 79. Right now, 74. I mean, Iran is correct knowledge. 95.5 WSB. It's a massive the northside perimeter. Let's get back to the morning Drive.

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