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Of all three hours of this show at either of those two locations and the podcast our guest who is in the studio with us now he is the honorable jesse ruis mr ruis as president of the chicago park district park board i guess uh also a former uh ceo of the chicago public school system a former out of of a super dove of president of the state board of education right all those things down advisor president of the chicago board of its grimes right right vice president president i interim ceo chairman of the state route of it okay chairman of the state board of education why is he here because he's running for attorney general of illinois he's seeking the democratic nomination for attorney general of illinois welcome thank you think they're going to be there pleasure to be here huzzah gone it's gone well baresi day we've been on the campaign trail all day we just got back from humbled park marching in the three kings day celebration in there and a great celebration for kids and left at beautiful humble part part of the chicago part district and the feel house there is full of young people celebrating this day that's important in community neighborhood is changed says it has and parked which beautiful i have the same thanks for all the chicago park physican poise who make a crack that every day so mr reach eur one of what five or six candidates or eight eight canada were seeking the democratic nomination we've had a number of them here i'm glad to have you and we've learned the.

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