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To iron out as the year goes on but being a veteran quarterback and inheriting an offense with weapons not to mention the fact a top five defense i mean the store seemed to be aligned for case keenum to kind of really help that offense and improve that team in the win column as well that's one i would cast a ballot foreign on twitter poll the denver broncos but there are others including washington fifteen percent of our respondents think washington will be the most improved from a year ago washington head what seven wins last year they acquire alex smith who you know is not gonna make a whole lot of mistakes right e based on what he did in kansas city last year washington could make a jump from seven wins i don't know if you know if a jump of more than a couple of wins is realistic for them i i don't know that they have a talent laden roster but ending alex smith in replace of kirk cousins to say that that's a dramatic improvement a quarterback i don't know about that chris i don't know if i would vote for them potentially the most improved based on their new quarterback i think they're passing numbers are probably going to go down i mean alex smith is a guy that is probably a rich man's tyrod taylor is going to make more plays in the passing game for you then a guy like tyrod taylor should have more production but doesn't turn the ball over like much like tyrod taylor you're getting kind of the same thing maybe with a little more passing efficiency in production but kirk cousins was a guy that threw for over four thousand yards i think in three of his three of his four seasons or however many seasons he spent their two of his three seasons in washington the guys extraordinarily productive production only went down last year because all his weapons went out the door and he was playing with half an offensive line so i think alex smith coming in i don't think you should expect more passing yards from him then you were getting from kirk cousins he can move around a little bit better than cousins candies he's an athlete but i i don't know i just i don't know if there's enough of a run game support there as there was in kansas city and you know i like jay gruden but i don't know if i like them as much as andy reid who i think is one of the best coaches in the league at putting his players in position to succeed just the way he moves his chess pieces on the field i just think he's a rarity and i don't know of jay gruden is is of that caliber so i don't know if if washington is going to see a spike in their win total i don't know if they're going to see a spike in their passing game quite frankly so you'd mentioned kirk cousins let's go to him now and he was is paid quarterback in the league right now right and he goes to the minnesota vikings kirk cousins now here's where it gets tricky forecast at the vikings will be the team with a new starting quarterback most improved they want thirteen games last year they were good last year.

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