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Granted nation no I don't bother me every I'm very busy in a room and she seen the alleged day house us land line doing okay he genealogy the new ones have you ever miss Smith our client no you mean Jane boggle and injures Asia Jeffrey he's much better doctor says it'll take time though and we see now the AV take sixteen rising I've got a memory back lie and then lie no only eight years you thank you just a matter of time is a mental block that sort of thing very complicated you understand Hey AJ every age been a long day he almost I am a little come out that's all drive you home yeah maybe we will home the good no no you you will just run on every I I really couldn't leave guys yet you see I've got a big so the city will have to pay that out at home so you look tired no no easy Jeffrey I'd been to stay right here will where I can get the cost Hussein is that way I'll have it accurate when I charge the city in you don't know me Jeffrey business we've all played your dad's business before pleasure eighty years I'm not satisfied to live completely finished the case to the European get ball you run along get some sleep main where loudest sit here in one finish my job I'm already Mr line if you are a night supervisor that it would be alright if I left early Graham yeah yeah little as he is a good idea good night fat so Jeff Regan investigator was written tonight by would improve produced and directed by starting price instars bald above as Reagan with Frank Nelson is Anthony J. line original music is by Jeffrey get investigators hurt each week at the same.

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