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In the next segment as well so we'll think about well yeah and then we'll probably got in the next segment and then we'll talk about we'll do the boomer bust in the final segment and then another guy who's changing over another veteran i mean saying what can i mean he's becoming a veteran but guy who is a veteran michael crabtree is now on the eagle on has always yields the ravens that are bird baltimore ravens have signed a michael crabtree i don't know i think i'm waiting for waiting for lamar jackson to get him on the field when it comes to the when it comes to the ravens the ravens i'm waiting from a lamar jackson i'm double joe flacco entire joe flacco i'll think joe flacco does well with the help isn't going to help crabtree crouch he's got great hands he throws he runs a nice comeback route plaque what is not as a kind of loopy throw those are great deep ball doesn't really drive the ball on the field as well i think that veteran receiver like crowd tree would be a nice weapon to have for a young quarterback like lamar jackson if he was to get in there a guy that he can really lean on as far as a sure handed receiver there so as far as if crab she's still gotta step if he can still get separation the fact that you've got to get open you gotta get open you've got to have a guy for the ball to you so as far as fantasy crab she's not my favorite guy right now i mean we'll see if i can say the same kind of thing we walk ins if he gets that young quarterback to get in there obviously we patrick mahomes in starting this season for the teves we don't know when lamar jackson is going to get in there for the ravens even if it is going to be the season.

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