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Rick and Bubba experience. Welcome recommend welcome in. It is a brand new week eight minutes past the hour. We thank you for being with us. It is a Dudley Monday. So we're all of you heading to the golden ticket seats. Good luck. You could win fifty dollars would do that every Monday, we do a live show, and that's courtesy of Dr Gunn. Speaking of Dr Dudley, fix mama's mouth voting has started its rickandbubba dot com under the contest section there. And you can vote for the one of the three five and a winner will be chosen a dummy will be with us a week from today to announce the winner as part of the vix momma's mouth mother's day promotion math right mother's day is next Sunday. Hey, wow. Visa comic wig. So make sure you got mom taking care of. But big momma's mouth. It's an annual promotion, and it's awesome. How these moms are transformed with the Dutney makeover. So check it out at rickandbubba dot com. Under the contest section there. The finalist Rutten either stories and vote on who you think deserves to win. Mover and shaker, gene. Hallman will be in studio today he'll announce who Bob is going to play with and the regions tradition. Pro-am coming up on Wednesday. Then he'll also announce all the coaches that are going to be there from the SEC in different conferences and will allow you to take your coach auction that off to the highest bidder to have you and a guest wall and have a car with that group on Wednesday. So a lot happening today. Let's bring everybody in. We've got Mr. Greg Burgess sitting over my left and Ray there's Z right there in front of me. What's up, boys? How you doing? How are ya? Oh, man. We're great seems like yesterday we were out at regions tradition. We'll be out there again on Wednesday and all that happening today. It'll be a big.

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