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Any cav is a is a i'm gonna throw one hundred things out if i can get twenty to stick amanda the gay i'll ask him there should we go in full attack mode you have the lowest payroll in baseball why we want answers sort of your friends you go ahead and then i'll come in dade cavill coming up at noon today and the top of the hour it's bobby evans niece sports attack attack attack that's good have you heard it t talking about john and tom if they tease i listened to him from about five forty to six fifty if i heard him say when we come back we are going to attack this gas you tell me you would stay at mccarter achieves it's a great to yeah might not be true we're gonna kiss this guy's ass left and right to be unbelievable get this guy gift of year goodie bag it's going to be a birthday party in greek god least sports leader as owner president attacked on the leader common david where our time for traffic from the chilton auto body traffic desk will after a very busy morning commute so we still have some major delays on the peninsula southbound one zero one it is a record willow two middle lanes are blocked and the vaca extends now all the way to whipple road and northbound affected as well from shoreline is certainly for southbound you might want to consider using southbound two eighty and stead northbound eighty seven before curtain or in san jose that crash on the shoulder now back to pretty much to highway eighty five also northbound one zero one is slowly getting better but still below the speed limit between alum rock and fair oaks westbound five eighty same thing it is a better but sluggish from santa rita road to redwood road after a couple of earlier issues and just a minor backup but sluggish i'll pass the metering lights at the bay bridge traffic is sponsored by the key to end in sweden how do you win.

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