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I should know this one. Drift. Who is this? Okay? That's good Watch Broncos Country tonight. Ryan Edwards. Benjamin Albright here some of the phones three or 3713, 85, 85 or 56690. Of course, we're keeping track of what's going on in Washington, D. C right now the Senate Voting on the objection to Arizona. Electoral votes, So we're really early in this thing right now. I mean that Z a little bit of. Ah, you know what happened today? What transpired today And if? Of course you wanna talk about that We're here for you. But in this case, you know what's going on right now is they're all back in working through this thing, so it was expected to be three right? There is expected to be Arizona, Pennsylvania. And Georgia, right? Does the three that are supposed to be the ones that will probably get the two hour delay While they debated writes that Z There was a Pennsylvania and Wisconsin was the other one. That was close, but I think they're going to be okay on that so Um yeah, I believe that those were the three Okay, so we'll have live updates on that and obviously can't wait. News radio will have the top about the hour updates my morning jacket. Yes, that's yeah, That's what I thought. I told you. Yeah, I do. That was like that's why I asked. But you were tweeting and stuff, tweeting and base. Tweeted at me, So is tweeting back. Now, all the conversations. It's always fun. Sometimes I think people are listening to the show, and then they see you live tweeting and they're like has been like how do you deal with this right now? There's almost like the to Brandon Marshall's right when it was always like Brandon Marshall Wide receiver would leave the field or something in the locker room. And Brandon Marshall linebacker be getting blown up. Get back on the field. My fantasy TV, too. It's like I'm not even that great in Marshall. I can't imagine how bad that was at the time like, you know, like by the time I got here, but Marshall wide receivers long on, But I can't imagine how bad that how bad that got Bill Charming in here on Twitter. I'm obviously more qualified than Jason to be the next, Jim because I've seen draft day at least 20 times. Well, that was a great call. Yeah, Jason with his qualifications you like. Well, let me tell you the movies I've seen that was that was great. It was a great call way around. Just got you know we were cutting that that you know, angry, depressed, you know, kind of got to trudge through this show because all the stuff that's going on and Yeah, I had to pick me up. And you know what? Who's at the center? The draft? I think that was, uh, yeah, I was Bill Birch Birch. Okay, we'll build as long as you're a pancake eaten. You know what then? We're good to go. It was pretty Hossam. Alright, So, yeah. If you want to said this your qualifications, I guess that could be kind of a fun side. Little thing we do tonight hit us up on Twitter. If you want at our every radio at all bright NFL or text line, 56690. I mean, at this point, the Broncos said, they're casting a wide net. If your die hard Broncos fan, I mean, why the heck not Yeah, I mean, I think somebody asked me that earlier today about the wide net thing. I don't know what that means. What you mean a wide net. I mean, there's a pretty wide net out there right now, in terms of who they've got, even if it's a limited number of names and terrifying notes again has been the league for 20 years. You like him? He's in the idea very much. He would be like Plan B. You know, Champ Kelly is the guy who was in the organization's been to the Bears on Then you look around to the other name. Ziegler. I don't think he's gonna be tired, but he was with the Patriots. I mean, would you talk about people? Why is about as wide and a different set of philosophies as As you can get. I don't know what that means Cast a wide net. I think it's just a cliche. People told me it was certainly a cliche. I mean, there's no doubt tonight now, and I thought he was the most talented member of 98 degrees, so Cliche. You're so stiff. Don't do that. Got you to laugh, Finally. Oh, man took eight Mark that down People 8:10 P.m. Mountain standard time. I finally got you laugh. Tell this thing I've ever hurt so mad at you for that one, too, Because you know me a cliche. I know I I don't I don't I get it. I just got your dog. Yeah, it's a big hat. Oh, okay, Somewhere somebody is groaning right now, And I'm so glad that we that I got that joke off my kids. My kids are the ones they're like. No dad jokes for for just dads that that's what we always grown. We hate them. The goal of Dad jokes are brilliant, because if their perfectly crafted it hits you, but just the right way that you still laugh even when you saw it coming, right? Even though you knew was coming. It's like you know, you still you still find a way to let that involuntary chuckle out. That's the best one. That is the best one. I love the fact that you took you a second and then it hit you and then you're like, Oh, my God! What you doing? How The worst. I see it is over the text line 56690 or on Twitter at or it was radio at K Way. Colorado, Of course, the station and That all right? And I felt okay, So Ryan Konigsberg is going to join us in about 20 minutes. And this is what he put it up on Twitter. I wanted to get your perspective on this..

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