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So random? Oh okay own. Entrance was wild insurance. Wait for a laugh. I love that while Jemal Johnson Johnson give it up. Hello we'll get. There's like Buddhist entrance of anybody that was really was. It was like some we weren't we didn't even you didn't even come out of the door that people incoming out of say your name and then all of a sudden just like sorry. I just thought that'd be Gauche. No that would not be unlikely. Gosh jump down like that would be elegant. You should have done. A Roberto came over each see apologizing. Yeah Way too young. A young to understand these aren't heads. They feel that they know this is like this is like a nice starting five. Yeah right now I want to go to court after I was your show. This is pretty good. Yeah good crowd. I got my parents to laugh. That was fun to have. They been into your shows before you are made them sitting in the back though you answer folks front and Center. I didn't put them there. The bill Kennedy Center put them learn no like I brought them there before before. There were any before anybody was seated. I was like these back corner joint. I know I should would've done that. Look good but honestly like I walked. I walked my parents in and I was like all right. Mom Dad like you see the room. It's a big room. You can sit anywhere you want. Talk to test them. Yeah but I. I assume that my mom was test. Nah Your parents are so striking looking lagman. Urine an exact mix of them but the funniest possible way. It's almost as if these two people had sex and gave birth to a child. It's it's almost as if I mix of their genes. Yeah Got Your Dad's Dick Though you know so you know it's good. Well Andy Andy was saying in my parents basement last night and me and my dad double teams who I got. I got roasted by the war. Dell's last night. They did a whole Eiffel Tower. I always wanted to go to Paris Paris. I love a father son jail why.

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