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So I don't know without knowing the political dynamics that led to him doing this or could have just been he woke up one morning because. You know, people forget that we live in the twenty first century. But there are genuinely absolute monarchs, and whether it's Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince, but who has executive authority in row in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia or or the Sultan of Brunei. These are people who really have no no checks on them. And if they wake up one morning feeling we're gonna do something they do it. Let's take up. Walnuts. As mayor because they was one train of full-ti- toes about this quite some time ago that they set the term whoever coming team said, well, look, you know, the Celtics getting laziness seventies. And perhaps he's thinking about his legacy and his mortality. So what better way to actually address those issues by coming out with you also try to extraordinarily Jakonen Papp's? Yeah. I mean, I guess it's hard to know what his kind of psychology behind. It was what the what the reasons, but I think it certainly seems that he didn't unanticipated the level of international backlash. It's quite notable. That the statement saying they're not going to be imposing this law. He really still say in English oversee got the international community in mind. I neither calls among from Human Rights Watch. Another is that if the law was wasn't forced to personally sanctioned this alternate his family, which I'm sure would have had an effect too. But before we finish off. I think it's worth noting as well that the law hasn't been repealed have said they went and enforce it. But you lost touch. In the context of an absolute monarchy. I mean, there's absolutely no safeguards against that happening. Yeah. I guess the author absurdity is what is that? If you're going to live with or not he's Asian of adultery against somebody. You've got to catch them in the act if it's any substance that time in the habit of breaking into people's veterans. But what leave it the head because that brings us to be indoor today show, Samir shackle. I'm Michael Goldfarb. Thank you both for joining us here at Midori house and today's show was produced by Tom, and it was researched by Gustav, Pacheco and Julia Webster and as studio manager was David Stevens more music next nine thousand nine hundred hours. It is the Monica culture show with Robert bound, and we'll have more on the day's main stories on the daily at twenty two hundred Midori houses back at the same time tomorrow that is eighteen hundred London time. I'm Juliette foster goodbye..

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