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All right coming up at five. Fifty. We're gonna have a pop quiz. See how much you know about the news. That's coming up in a couple of minutes. But let's continue our exclusive monthly interview with the Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone. You're telling us off the air about a great program that the Maricopa County sheriff's office is going to start. Thanks to a grant some money from PetSmart tell us about that. Well, not start the program the programs in existence. But right now, our mash unit where we keep the abused and neglected animals is an old antiquated jail not equipped for the care of animals. So since taking office and visiting it many many times over the past two years. I've been trying to find a way to privately fund meaning one hundred percent private dollars building new facility specifically to meet the needs of these animals because they stay with us for lengthy periods of time. It's not a typical kennel that you adopt them out. It is lengthy periods of time for recovery restoration socialization again. Them into the homes of healthy families. But that facility was horrible. He said it was an old jail. Yeah. And it's not designed for any of these things so been talking to a lot of different organizations and folks again because my commitment is how do we find private dollars to fund it no cost tax payers in the sheriff's will continue to operate in PetSmart came through like champs and gave us two million dollars to start the fundraising. We expect it's going to be about eight to nine million dollars to build this facility. It will be located on the Durango property, which is where all of our jails are in the inmates there that are deserving. We'll get a chance to work with the animals every day, and we're gonna have, you know, basically education on care and compassion grooming of animals in they'll be responsible to work with them. But we're going to target certain populations within the jail system. Moms separated from your kids veterans who deal with issues such as PTSD anxiety. We have a juvenile pod of juveniles remand as dolts, and we want to make sure that they have some activities socialization in that environment, recognizing they may have done some serious thing. But they're young adults. And and we want to have a healthy environment. And then those who are recovering from drug addiction. They're going to our mosaic programme because there are some organizations that believe that animals will help them overcome and deal with some of the exiled in recovery and give them responsibility. Correct. So they will they'll be responsible to go out there, and, you know, pick up pick up things left behind by the animals and to care for them. And we've already seen again, this is the program has been existent. So I'm not gonna take credit for the program. My predecessor built this out in the program itself with the hard work of the men and women did exceptional work, but the facility is unacceptable. So we're going to be fundraising until we come up with the total amount. And then we're going to build a property and the board of supervisors has been fully supportive, and we got some other potential funders who are excited about it. But community out there, you want to see us do something better for the animals. We care for try to reduce recidivism this pathway to do something unique Maricopa County sheriff Paul Penzone in studio for his monthly exclusive. We only have about a minute and a half left. Let me get to the posse. Cd enforcement posse there about two hundred and fifty. In only three went through a background. Check. We found that. I guess you found that some of the two hundred and fifty had domestic violence and assault and prostitution. How many of the two fifty you fired? Okay. So of the two talking about those are the ones that carry firearms QA posse. Right. So there were twelve I think we're targeting fourteen immediately getting terminated because what we did have on on the record that we could find him backgrounds meant they did not meet the standard didn't go through a background. Well, if some actually went through there's five different stages. There's a background of drug test polygraph, some different things that are the baseline requirements and angel through all of them for some folks, all they did literally we opened up files, and there was a check a personal check like a donation to the policy, and that was it and they were given the opportunity to participate so for an ethics standard is unacceptable. So I want to be clear the posse is a positive force multiplier for law enforcement because a lot of good people deserving of. The privilege work with us to provide services that otherwise might be might not be -ccomplish with our field Fourche. So the majority is good. But for those who are on the policy that are undeserving, and as an organization to have a set standard that has organization wide employees paid doesn't matter if you're deputy detention civilian as well as volunteers the baseline of ethics will not be something we will waiver on therefore for the posse members were targeting, you know, hopefully within sixty days to get the majority back, and we're hoping that within another sixty days beyond that I've everybody back, but it's not gonna be as if we wait till everyone's passed it. And then we put them all back and services at once when you come in, and you go through the process, and you get cleared your back out there doing what you're doing on behalf the organization prior to that time. But some people don't wanna take the background check. I'm sure yeah. There. I mean, we've heard back from some who aren't willing to do that. Then then they'll be detached from the. Yup. Participant on the posse. Sheriff Paul Penzone is joining us in studio wasn't there. One posse member that was arrested on Friday for domestic violence. Correct. I was one of the QA p pasta members also, and this is a situation where a background prior to that would not have discovered it. But because we're going to every two years runs through again that if as a community membranous, villian, volunteer if something does occur over time. You don't report it to us. We're going to find out about it. And we're going to separate you from the posse, or at least have some level of accountability. That is consistent with the issue of concern. Listen, traffic, excessive driving and tickets things that those are issues too. So it's there's a broad spectrum of things that we hold our employees accountable to and volunteers will be treated no differently because if you're going to put the badge in the patch in the uniform on you are going to meet the minimum ethical standard and be trained to meet the needs of the role, and responsibility you carry so somebody like a Paul Moseley would not be able to be in the posses which. Yes. Thank you. I'm just saying I thank God. Nobody confuses our voices. So they know that I was that. I see that guy jail. Sheriff good to see you will see you next next month. Thanks for coming in. Thanks gentleman. Have a great day Maricopa County. Sheriff Paul Penzone, his monthly exclusive interview. All right right now, we want you to call us at six zero two two seven seven five eight two seven because it's time for a pop quiz..

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