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Yeah we're doing this week oh are you make sure you track him in cindy down doing that one on i tunes or at nfl dot com slash podcasts thanks for coming in matt money smith make sure you listen to the petros and money show if you wanna be hip and now and now let's get to vander ash all right here we go roll in through the free agency staff and the draft is drawing ever closer and seeded to my immediate left a guy who's named figures to go in the first round from boise state late in vander at how are you fellow doing awesome i like a right out of the gate i can tell you're in the draft process here because you've matched all you've match many shades of blue here today not that your is match the turf of boise state and the suit and tie that you're wearing i mean blues been a big part of it and i feel like i just got to stick with it i guess at this point yeah it'd be crazy not to i apologize on behalf of southern california that it's raining when you arrive here we didn't put our best foot forward for you now we were talking as you sat down here you are planning on being in dallas texas for that draft right and that what what you're who's going to be at the big table with you your family gained some some fame pre bowl game for you this past season.

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