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It's an extremely legitimate question to pose and demands an investigation where's that michael moore what happened to him i like that one well you know he does he does make a point of none of these school shootings ever occurred before the tv advertising of these drugs there's a strong correlation in fact in the and i don't think it's a coincidence and he noticed it early on on a very early on continuing nobody seems to want to talk about it for good for the reason that we've expressed on this show which is why we ask people to help us do this show by contributing directly so we don't have to run as from these companies that are really supporting the networks these drug companies yeah the networks would have them would really be rethinking everything they do if they lost all that advertising revenue in drug companies that produce some of these really dubious drugs here's a short follow up clip from michael moore willie corporation pharmaceutical company for nearly fifteen years covered up their own internal investigation that showed that anyone on prozac is twelve times more likely to attempt suicide than those using other antidepressants tall times more than than average population twelve times more than those already on other antidepressants this is a criminal act and i want to know why these criminals are still walking the streets that guy where's that guy he could do a good documentary on that but no whatever run it.

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