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And I think you know, I I will say this the Beverly Hills housewives used this show the best they and they were in the position to actually they had businesses that is Hollywood, you know, it's glamorous like people say, you know, what do you think are the two best franchises than I do say New York? And we'll in Beverly Hills to me because they're they're all the women are dynamic in their own, right? And then they all have these exciting. Whether they're super wealthy or super well connected. We get to enjoy both in some of the other franchises are more reliant on just their infighting, which thing gets exhausting after while, I can New Jersey or whatever. But when you have the two eight. Aw. Yeah. Yeah. Well, that was the best. But then, you know, but now they're now it's just like you didn't spend enough time when Nonni the grandpa, and I'm like, the grandpas the biggest shit's tour of all the grandpa looks. Okay. We have to talk about this for a quick second for New Jersey. We're talking people that grandpa or whatever his Nonni Nonni. I don't think he gives the shit to be honest. But I just think he says it just kind of be on the show joke. He got up like people always say, you're a bit of a pot sticker stir the pot stir on the real housewives is not Nonni. He's like three about the didn't. Visit me an inch like in item. Visit Nonni like nobody's really sad. He's gone gar work. Like just the whole thing figures like a die. But imagine being a part of that family. Oh, do you really think Christmases are fun their personalities or do you think they just sit there in and seeing oval? I mean at this point. I think you know, when it becomes such a big part of your finances. Being on the show. I think that's that's the problem because you're not gonna you're not going to quit you're gonna make up with the person, you hate and five months. And that's where I think when you say they need an overhaul. That's where I think they're getting into their problems. You know, when you can walk away because you have a loving husband that you've had for thirty years likely, savannah pump. You have a great relationship with your kids. And you have I mean, what housewife has changed like changed pot world policy. It's amazing. And you just can't tame hasn't Ramona singer hasn't. Could you know what I really I'd like to? I'd like to get the whole world. I use my anti in at a really a lot of people don't realize that like six years old and look really good. Do her. Actually, like kind of frequently sh three Gish -ly amazing. I only the ones I love people. So, but yeah, so. I'm kissing Lisa's Aspen. I'm just saying like, no, we're not I guess respect what she's done in a end end because she's the one that's maintained a marriage relationship. So has Kyle. But like, she's Ito's remain married. And that's the thing about kid. Like, I love that kid tells people off if he thinks they're coming out. Lisa like that is so attractive, and I'm always like we were at we were at the Tom Tom opening you there, you're probably there, and your friend was there there. I posted a photo of you guys to get questions and not a shazier shea. Beverly what's his name name? We have to talk about him. I just went blink Kevin Lee. Kevin lee. Okay. So he was there. But I'm talking to Jenny pools. And it's so hot in that, Tom, Tom and here. Sure enough here comes and no. Oh, holding two or one fluffy. Sweaty dogs,.

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