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I didn't know that Unless we went berry picking if if if we were going very picky so that she could make something out of those berries she was permitted to wear pants. Well, that's an interesting paradox because I also heard from my dad that my grandfather your father didn't like dress codes and when he was an engineer. One of the places he worked required a man to where ty let's say it was probably the nineteen fifties or something who knows maybe. and He loved wearing a bolo tie and he was like, no way I'm not wearing a tie. I'm wearing my bolo tie and he was such a good engineer. They let him get away with. Wow or is everybody else had to wear a tie Haha Yeah. So interesting mix of rebel and you know strict rules for other people also kind of the era I suppose. Yeah. Now you know when he died right he heard the story about when he died. Oh tell that no I don't have that recorded. So yeah, I've heard it from my job. Yeah. Tell that okay. I was eleven and your dad was away school, and so the three of us kids lived at home and the story that I remember is that mom and dad went to bed and like at midnight that night he got mom and said Kay your whole life. Has Changed Drastically you can. You can handle it. You'll be okay you'll be frightful. You're going to be afraid you're you're you're gonNA have you're going to be shocked but there's just some things that you need to know now tonight and so he got her out of bed and he taught her how to write a check because once again she wasn't permitted to write in each at. To write a check, she didn't know if we have a hundred dollars in the bank or a hundred. That wasn't her place. She got an allowance for us for for meals and clothes and activities and everything, and so He went through all the paperwork and then in the morning, my dad was dead and he had had a blood clot that went to his brain. My God. Do they know what caused the blood clot? Well, a he had rheumatic fever as a child and and he had a heart murmur and apparently it was leftover from that. Now. That's the story. You could ask your father, his interpretation because you know he was in college I was eleven right? Well, that's what I remembered something about romantic fever having to do with it. That's why I was curious but that actually ties it all together..

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