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A product of working hard of starting early of going out and meeting people and earning their support and answering their questions and showing up over and over and over again Among the other candidates for governor are business consultant Harry Wilson as well as Andrew Giuliani the son of former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani They can make the primary ballot by getting 25% of the vote at the convention or by collecting petition signatures from registered Republicans When it comes to the U.S. Senate conservative pundit Joe pinion is the leading Republican candidate he's hoping to take on Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer who is seeking a 5th term Certainly we are going to need committed individuals up and down the ballot this cycle to again prioritize a message that prioritizes the needs of people But we anticipate that comedy 28th we will be the designated nominee for the Republican Party Democrats held their convention earlier this month in Manhattan where they overwhelmingly backed hoku's campaign The party primaries are set for June 28th John Campbell WNYC news It's morning edition from NPR news I'm Steven skeet And I'm a Martinez For black history month Smithsonian curator Erin Bryant recently shared with NPR his favorite black photographic subjects in the museum's collection one he connects with an album from the Civil War When you look at a photograph you not only see history captured in a way There's something from someone's past but memory as well because there are so many stories behind the photograph that we might not know But through research you can uncover so much more behind that two dimensional object That's on a sheet of paper essentially We have a small photo album of about 18 Civil War soldiers and they're all black soldiers And the images I think they're ten types and the images are about the size of a fingernail So these are teeny tiny little photographs on ten And they're in a small album that might be to two and a half inches high and wide And the album is small enough to fit into a best pocket or inside your coat What's extraordinary.

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