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The most a whole salmon or bluefish depending on the season while on our own the second that's like a dinner salmon and blue fish for breakfast and then we also offer complimentary wine and nibble our we normally have cheese and crackers and some kind of credit but we call it a niggle our well in so this breakfast has champagne omelettes baked beans big blue fish or salmon pancakes eggs i mean incredible will hold you for probably most of the day i mean the pretty wonderful and how did you come up with this idea because and i'm looking at it right now on the website folks go to block island resorts dot com and take a look at these beautiful pictures you have an apiary and a farm right here next to the cast house tell us yes i'm my father actually grew up raising chickens in north kingston rhode island and always loved animals so in nineteen seventytwo he started with a few chickens here and then acquired donkeys and a couple of llamas but now we have a full aviary that our son is operating as well as kangaroos glomma 's camels lemurs we have a few tortoises a real menagerie of animals and this is open year round how do you handle how do you work with the animals in the off season when it's really rainy or stormy on the we have a couple of small bonds that they go in and if my middle son seth draper it isn't here then we have an employee on hand to take care of them most of them are very self sufficient they'll say outside and just so under the shelter as need be wonderful so when people come to the island what would you say we're talking about block island now folks for people that tuned in and specifically about the sixteen sixty one in which has its own farm and garden incredible a sumptuous breakfast including bluefin fishing salmon omelettes and everything else beautiful bread and breakfast and you have wraparound porches and take a look at it if you're if you're online or on your smartphone block island resorts dot com just beautiful so talk about when you come.

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