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It happened in a house where young women who go to Hofstra live. I don't know if he was watching us all week and Mike getting our pattern twenty one year old Jamie Rallo thinks it was more likely a crime of opportunity, but the intruder coming in through an unlocked door she woke up at around eleven thirty with a gun pointed at her in the intruder demanding money she hadn't onto give him. He ran away with her laptop. She says the whole experience was made worse by the responding Hempstead office are giving her a hard time for a small amount of marijuana which she doesn't think had anything to do with it. I just was disheartened because he was interrogating me. And being very rude to me after I just had a gun pointed at my face. Meanwhile, Hofstra is reminding all off campus students to lock their doors. Sonia Rincon, ten ten wins in Hempstead ten ten wins has reached out to Hempstead police for a response US. Military officials say the remains of missing New York. Orcs soldier who died during the Korean war. More than sixty years ago have been identified. The Pentagon says first Lieutenant Herman l FOX remains were identified last month using DNA analysis dental records and material evidence the twenty two year old from an Hatton was serving in the army's second infantry division when he and other members of his platoon were reported missing during fighting in South Korea in February of nineteen fifty one wins news time seven thirty five. It was a surprise announcement today from Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel correspondent Ryan burrow has the story. As to why he's not seeking a third term in office. Mayor Rahm Emanuel saying with our three children in college Amy, and I have decided it's time to write another chapter together. The move comes a day before the trial of police officer Jason Van Dyke begins Van Dyke is charging the shooting of teenager Liquan McDonald back in two thousand fourteen which sparked huge protests that has dogged mayor for the last four years. Emanuel who has already raised millions of. For his reelection campaign was set to face challenges by more than a dozen candidates in twenty thousand nineteen that number could rise now that he's out of the race. The head of USA gymnastics has resigned. Kerry Perry's announcement came days after the US Olympic Committee questioned the direction of the organization Perry struggled to outline a clear path forward during her nine months on the job. She repeatedly came under scrutiny by athletes who felt she was mishandling the fallout from the abuse scandal surrounding disgraced former team doctor Larry Nassar, eighty-five degrees. Now, we are going down to seventy seven midtown. The real feel temperature is ninety degrees wins news time, seven thirty six. I it was Bano. Now, it's Dave Grohl. Losing his voice tent in wins. Entertainment is next and now a page from the diary of Flo. Dear diary, the ghost is back. This house is protected through progressive. But that doesn't mean it's not haunted. How else would you explain that radiator like clanking sound? Or the moon colored light in the hallway that's gone by morning? Maybe he never bundled home and auto and he's doomed to suffer an eternity without the savings. Save an average of seventeen percents on car insurance.

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