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Nick foles who couldn't look who can move the ball down the field to save his life to begin the year. All of a sudden has turned a light switch on and has been somewhat passable. At least Nick foles is still an average at best QB my opinion, and it can only play one system in terms of getting the ball out of his hands and vertically down the field. He can't do any other NFL systems. But for the purposes of this matchup, we have to consider the fact that every single wide receiver on the bears is dealing with some type of injury. And we may have Allen Robinson cleared to go. We may have Tele Gabriel to clear to go. But as it in Miller's banged up. You've got. Got a budget injuries. Among the wide receivers for the bears from catchy standpoint, you're looking at three Cohen because during Howard's, you know, he's a couple balls. But it's still not his natural natural position. If going off of the game tape, and you know, Trey Burton has been in and out in and out and in and out of the office of game plans week after week this season. So he'll go weeks at a time without catching the pass. And that's just the way it goes. Now, I looked this game. As a case where Phillies should lose this game. But I don't see enough out of the bears where they're absolutely planning on taking taking a this matchup and rolling on into the into the postseason. The bears come across as more happy that thing. It worked out this year. But they never really made a true commitment to the squad to improve the offense significantly with some digital free agents outside of Robinson and Burton now. At the end of the day. The bears are always going to hang their hat on their defense. But I have to say that you know, I really do see the bear struggling to put up a ton of points against philli. So this is the kind of match up where again, I would not be surprised if this was a twenty seventeen game. But the issue is that. From. Every metric the bears offense is so hot and cold that I would not be shot if Philly holds the bears Sunday, twenty points and at that point. It's a crapshoot because you know, Philly is going to try to push the ball down the field. You don't know if they're going to get penalty calls, and that's always the mic. So again, I would say look to see how the referees are calling pass interference mar because that's gonna play a big role as to how the bears were able to play their defense. So if it's getting called tie, you definitely could see some. Some concerns on the bear sideline as to what they should do next. Because again, I've seen Matt Nagy cost the bears multiple games this year for decisions that were head scratchers. But on the the whole folks are happy because the bears have been winning games this year. I just look at it. As more of a reflective talent. That's currently on the squad rather than the actual ad coach himself, but we shall find out as we progress further and to the playoffs because it is an interesting mix games, I have to admit, then, you know, even with making a making a case for these teams. You know, I could say that there is a path for them to each reach Super Bowl a gets difficult at times. But I I do feel as though you should have some competitor. Games throughout the playoffs this weekend. So we'll see how the games go today and also tomorrow. So in terms of the DFS lineups. Let's get into those quickly fit being a four-game slate. It's really hard to kind of mess around with the lineup. So you gotta have a kind of clear picture in your mind as to how you wanna go with certain rows because it is extremely limited given the player pool size this weekend. So on both draft kings fan though, I think the number one play a QB this week. We get weekend. Rather is Andrew lock, you know, I can't really find another excuse not to play him. He's eighty four hundred on fan dole sixty four hundred draft kinks..

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