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Guys are just absolutely chill is hell on giant. I love y'all guys all all right off the bat main command. We're happy to have you on a quick. Like just typical little shoutout patriot. Subscribers sexual vanilla case mcvay see dark runner haley nordic thunder dis nuts. Not thank you guys for your support. Always find us on our instagram and twitter at points pressure and bear. Thanks again man. He asked me a fucking blast. Do you do you have any way people can find you if they want more stop. You have any sense. So i'm to get my social media private because smart idea but if y'all wanna find you don't read it and type in burke cooked be you are okay. I do random little streams talking about my life and also the vast majority is just the life as a college history student and just fun weird history stuff and that's actually how they all found me. I think you said that at the beginning and just being like i say this has a history major and a practitioner of history. The first podcast. I listen to you. if you guys was adjunct. Churchill gotta give props y'all thank you. I sat there and listened to it and the amount of stuff. Y'all digged up on that boy that crazy crazy crazy beautiful history was. I was impressed. I was truly impressed with especially with not being. You know part with the discipline of history which i believe is a little exclusive. In my opinion. I don't like how things are written and how things are told by. Y'all y'all dudes are awesome. Thank you much Everybody else out there. If i you are curious like bare said b. You are cook on read. It just followed them. Yeah check him out. Dude got some serious kick ass streams and we will catch you guys next monday thanks again..

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