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You're going to have, you're going to be able to play the yeast only 19 card like Celtics and Jason Tatum. And continue to do nowadays, even though he's 24. He's only 24. It's still the joke is that he's only 19, but we'll run with it. But yeah, I like the two. I thought that was a good get. There, but plenty more to come on the Lakers. I saw some, you know, we don't need a young project, but you kind of do. Yeah, it's not bad. Even if max Christie ends up 11th, 12, 13, 14, 15th guy on your roster, that's not a bad thing, right? You have them. A little lower on your eye, probably more 13 to 15. But lower on your offs are probably play some in south bay. Develop them and do your thing that they've done all right. Would that in the past? So by, you know, you need to at least sell young development products for sure. All right, the Memphis cruise from active night for the grizzlies. They had two first round picks. They flipped and moved and traded and did all sorts of stuff, and still finished with two players picked in the first round. But they also picked up a player in the second round and they picked up Danny Green kind of sorta we'll see. But anyway, what they did in the draft, Jake laravia, out of weak force, Ford with range, can do a lot of different things. Think of kinda Kylie Anderson, but obviously clearly much, much younger. I blew this on our live show, but he is younger than I initially thought. There were reports, apparently, somehow, something happened where Google had him. And that was wrong, and they found out just weeks before the draft and had to tell everybody like, no, no, no, no, no. He's not, he's 20. 'cause that matters in the draft. Yeah. Absolutely. Yeah. The 1999 birth year in his birth year is actually 2001. David roddy, too. The other guy, that's the guy that got with the pick from Philadelphia. Rugged forward scoring kind of guy he's kind of been the guy who's been great in college, but then those guys don't always translate to the pros, but Memphis has had success with those guys in the past, so he kind of like cam. And then they bought a pick from San Antonio with a future second and they got Kennedy Chandler. I'm a point guard. So I think what the grizzlies did was, oh, I'm sorry, and then Vince Williams, a wing out of VCU, one of the four seniors drafted. He went with the 47th pick. I guess his app might be more of a two way situation. But what Memphis did here was, by virtue of trading the Anthony Melton, and then replacing him with cheaper salary, they kind of protected themselves or opened the door if they decide Kyle Anderson, thanks for what you've done. Moving on, tires Jones, little expensive for what we want to do, moving on. They've kind of now added their depth behind those guys plus things up in Memphis, I don't know what you've seen or not. Maybe this is already out there, maybe it's not. They can pretty easily create in the range of about $23 million of cap space. Which is kind of terrifying. Yeah. How do they spend that on those?.

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