Mayor Gloria, Donald Trump, Twitter discussed on San Diego's Morning News with Ted and LaDona


The past year. Made so difficult because of covert 19. We have seen political violence spiral out of control. We have seen too many riots. Too many mobs, too many acts of intimidation and destruction. It must stop. The president said America is a nation of laws and that there is no justification for violence not for Republicans and not for Democrats. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey says it was the right decision to ban the president from social media that social media platform In a long series of tweets Wednesday, Dorsey said that the official harm posed by Trump's tweets drove the company to ban the president. He added, though, that he does not celebrate or feel pride and having to ban Trump and insisted the Internet should not be controlled by any one individual or corporation. Trump was banned from Twitter following last week's riots at the capital for what Twitter called a pattern of behavior that persistently violated. It's rules. Some 20,000 National Guard troops amassing in the nation's capital after last week's rioting and in advance of the inauguration, major points of interest here in Washington, D C, including the Capitol building and the White House have been completely encircled. By a multi agency security cooperative. That is right, frankly, really something to see. Now This is all happening and preparation of next week's inauguration here and the nation's capital, and in theory, it's preparation to ward off any potential disruption efforts by groups looking to spark violence here. In fact, National Guard troops have been briefed on the potential for additional E D threats now that, of course, coming in the wake of explosive devices being found in the city last week. Two pipe bombs were found last Wednesday, one in front of Republican National Committee headquarters, the other in front of the Democratic National Committee. Well in his first date of the city address, San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria says he is committed to building our economy back to what it was before the pandemic hit. Mayor Gloria says the state of our city is fragile right now. But he's optimistic for a brighter future because San Diegans air strong the mayor thanking our frontline workers, but says the fight against the virus is far from over. We can show them our gratitude. By avoiding large gatherings, wearing our masks and staying home as much as possible. We must continue to abide by the public health orders and we must do this to protect people and our economy. Mayor Gloria says he's considering more options for vaccine Supercenters like the one at Petco Park. He's also proposing an extension to the eviction moratorium and plans to work with the City Council to expand similar protections for small businesses..

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