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What we've been saying. No we didn't go. Listen you just knocked over the boat we right. We're in lockstep yet. No i said it was the self esteem and you said no. Debate data no the benedetto. Us whom left for three three on one. But here that. I swore. I said that's dishonesty. No is the benedetto's the one that went to la. No i said the cells you know is the one who left. He left the job no no. He didn't defend got a new job. I'm telling you. I saw it on twitter. He got a job about jim. Rome producer is benedetto. He left to go to la. Okay i don't know. If does this guy that i don't know if he did. It was very recently so dino left here saying very thomas here the lasley got a new job. He definitely got now. I think he's here. Go ahead. I'm sure i'm not sure i thought i saw. What am i calling him. Tom say guy that Jerry who saved or who did live to jerry safe. That's someone else would have done it. It's not the same his life if someone would have done it or not. You're the guy right place. Right time i suppose and it'd be dove could have done it and i was looking up onto where where this happened in the little kitchen area right over here he was calling. You overlay yes. We don't know news trying to calm. I was saying. Hey that sounds weird over and it did not look right and you got behind him. Yeah having you hopped into action. I'd area all right all right. He is he her told you so. We hope i tom. Did you just get a new job. Good morning good morning. You got a new job. I did get a new trap. Good not williams producer. I am not roast. That is tom dibitetto. Exact all right very close. But you're leaving. Why are you leaving. I'm not leaving because you're embarrassing. Almost died in the newsroom. As that did almost happened. But i'm not leaving. I will be bill writers producer. All you gotta do our promotion all right so from your perspective. What happened here. So i had heated up my lunch and being the pandemic it was very scarce in the newsroom jerry This is what i get for heating by lunch at eleven thirty. Am i had chicken cutlets sitting at my cube all of a sudden. I can't breathe. I stay calm. I walked to the water jug. Try to float my water bottle. Take a sip of water..

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