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From a rider. Guess bears greasy. Yeah that's good. You're you're right. That's that's the surface level. You hit the spare greece's metaphor okay. So burglaries was at one time really valuable commodity both functionally for cooking for for all these different things. It was also used as a form of currency today. Seth wayne's if you asked if you polled america and said what is bear grease you know how many people would even have a reference point for what it is. But yet it's functional. Use is still very much the same. And so the the tagline of burgers podcast is where we explore things forgotten but relevant search for insight in unlikely places and tell the story of americans who live their lives close to the land in so bear. Grease also seth if you will notice this holding a jar burglaries in my hands folks. And there is about a two inch band of amber clear liquid and then below. That is a solid white liquid This burglaries that has separated and at that separation point many people including native americans have used that to forecast the weather because it moves with barometric pressure and it is highly nuanced. I mean i'm not saying that. I really can but it does change about every day. It looks like it's hot. Outside there's my chart chart burglaries weather. Forecasting chart so insight in unlikely places. Bear greece's a metaphor. Okay so that's i just want to say that because we're getting new listeners. Bear greece's a metaphor for things for gotten but relevant. That's why interviewed roy. Clark that's why interviewed james lawrence. That's why we're talking about daniel boone. We're looking for insight unlikely places. That's why we're talking about. How snakes in this innate fear of us of snakes and our mothers telling us not to do it. Is this like bigger picture of of of how human relationships are supposed to work. Don't pick up that snake and you believe her because the snakes scary and you do what she says and you trust her. It's this bigger bigger picture insight. So that is an this. Is the burgers render which is where we so. The act of taking solid bear fat like raw bear fat off of a freshly harvested bear. Melting it down into a liquid oils called rendering. How long does a render actually taken realize when you're rendering burglaries can render bear fat very quickly like nine minutes really. Yeah yeah is all dependent on temperature. Gimme the ten second process. How you do it now you just okay. There's the way the best practice best practice you take a fillet of white bear fat. Which it'll be on a fall. I mean could have a lot of fat cuban up into one inch cubes. Put it in a brand pan fried daddy..

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