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It can be pretty and which is why if it wasn't a fundamental mistake of thinking i wouldn't be all over the yankees today they're not hitting their two best players are bevan awful and karaha and i'll do they have been great pitching has been great on all sides everyone's got through it tip your cap the very lander what else you can you do and that's that i mean that's that but it's a lesson learned on a few things one is joe girardi like every other manager isn't going to throw is player under the bus he's not going to say aaron rogers did not do a good job there he may say it off the record do a lot of people but he will never say it on the record there's no percentage in it i can look at the play explain it the way i did do you can come up with your own conclusion but joe is never going to do that nor are other managers so when you say we'll joe said joe's telling you what he needs to tell you to protect his players that's number one and that never changes good managers do that they protect their players they talked to him in private if you don't think the yankees talked about that play in private about where the three guys maybe four depending on where castro was supposed to be as compared to worry was screwed up but to me castro grigory is judging sanchez all made mistakes on that play but none of them were called out by their manager and i didn't expect that they would be there's not percentages games over we don't need to know it that's one of the reasons we have talk shows opportunity to call in to talk about stuff like this but there are still in this because because each game has its own adventure and because until charlie morton tells me he's a guy i should be worried about i'ma i'm not but two more things that came out of this and then we'll take a break and then we'll take some phone calls and i'm here to six thirty when the giants pregame begins talk about another juggernaut two things that you have to really be concerned about in all the enjoyment and blushes about what could be for the yankees one is you really do not know who ira judges anybody that.

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