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For college and the payoff debts. They incurred go to college. That's why I'm offering these three proposals today. First simplifying the FAFSA. The cumbersome FAFSA is the major impediment to low income students going to college in the United States today. They and their parents are intimidated by the complexity are wary of the government form and don't see why they should have to give the department of education information, they've already given to the Internal Revenue Service, the former president of southwest community college in Memphis told me he believes he loses fifteen hundred students each semester because of the complexity of the FAFSA now, again, this is a state where tuition is free. If you just fill out, the faster a woman who was mentored with Tennessee's free tuition program the Tennessee promise program. So the complex form has a quote chilling effect. Intimidating parents who may themselves have never attended college and have no experience navigating the process and over and over again, I've had families. Tell me I've already given this information wants to the federal government one I've paid my taxes. Why do I have to do that? Again, once ought to be enough to make matters worse. There's the verification process that I mentioned earlier the stops the payments of Pell grants, while the families scrambles to resubmit tax information again, and the government checks to make sure that every single dot. And cross letter is accurate. I recently talked with another administrator from south west community college in Memphis who told me that one third of the applicants who put down the school as an option on there. The application were selected for this verification process last fall and a student where over sixty percent of students receive Pell grants is a huge burden. This is happening all across our state, president of east Tennessee State university. The other end of Tennessee told me that one third of his students who receive federal financial aid were subjected to this verification process this year. So I have two proposals to simplify the FAFSA. The first is Senator Jones of Alabama. And I along with Senator Bennett who's worked with me on this for several years and Senator.

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