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Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and others are giving lawmakers that update on increasing vaccine supply and availability Democratic Congresswoman Diane to get it. Says. We might have what we might have now isn't enough to meet demand, but noted it will hopefully go up significantly in the coming months because of the Biden administration. In the meantime, the president honoring the Americans killed by covert 19 more from ABC News, senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce An emotional president Biden consoling a nation with a somber moment of silence, marking a staggering milestone. More than half a million Americans dead from the Corona virus. Remember each person we've lost Lives they lived. Love Was there left behind? We will get through this. I promise you, the president memorialize Ng the lives lost in urging Americans to fight this pandemic together as we all remember. Also asked us to act. Remain vigilant. Safe, Stay socially distance. Mask up. Get vaccinated when it's your turn some good news, Johnson and Johnson announcing if authorized, they expect to deliver enough doses of their single shot vaccine to vaccinate 20 million Americans by the end of March, the administration now racing to catch up with delays caused by winter storms. We don't anticipate That all backlog doses will be delivered. By midweek, the CDC now reporting that more than 44 million U. S. Adults have had at least one dose of the vaccine, and nearly 20 million have had both doses. And there are clear signs that vaccinations along with the decrease in community spread or having a positive impact on nursing home deaths. Since early January, weekly deaths in nursing homes have declined by about 70%. In fact, covert tracking project reports cases in nursing homes last week where the lowest recorded since May. In Illinois, Kate Wrigley and Ashley Kennedy haven't been able to visit their 85 year old grandfather in person at his nursing home since March. They say they're grateful he's getting his second vaccine does this week for excited. We're looking forward to win. We get to see him again. We we've missed him so much, and we know we're very blessed that he's still here with us. Now, With new variants emerging, there is still a long way to go to new studies out of San Francisco. So that a California bred variant maybe more infectious than others. It may explain the recent explosion of cases in that state and researchers are now it requesting that the CDC added to a watch list, which could make it the first U. S variant Added to that list That's ABC News. Senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce. Come on his time. 19 this winter storm bursting pipes and homes and businesses. And we've also seen a number of water main breaks here in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and there have been impact on the supply chain. Long lines for basic needs, like food and water at grocery stores and also distribution sites. And then you compound all of that, with sticker shock that Texans are experiencing many of them, saying they have received electricity bills in the thousands of dollars in the midst of this crisis. It is.

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