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Twenty six sixty seven degrees as we head towards eighty eighty-two mostly sunny morning but then it's going to start to get very cloudy in the afternoon and for tomorrow christina ernie from storm team ten says those clouds would lead to showers by the mid morning in a big drop in temperature down to seventy one degrees for the high tomorrow andrew dice clay is going on tour with roseanne barr the tourism title mr and mrs america tour andrew dice clay telling fox news that he doesn't think that roseanne barr has a mean bone in her body saying what she's a comic because she's wacky i've known her since we were kids when people ask about what she said i say she's a comic we've got to stop policing comedians he said this is america and he added america really needs to lighten up and not worry about the words comedians use because it's all that we have he said there's clean stuff and there's street stuff i'm a street guy because i tell it like it is i'm living at more now than i have for really long time my shows have been long materialised fresher with these shows i can do as long as i want because it's one show a night the tour is gonna kick off at the paramount theatre in long island new york on september the nineteenth roseanne barr and introduction claire in my backyard draw the drapes quite frankly andrew dice clay's bit is so politically incorrect now i mean it was politically correct what back in the in the eighties when he was hot and i don't need to tell you about roseanne barr please one mother ends up running over her toddler believing not playing a game of chicken with their car in houston right out of the gate on a monday we've got a a crowd leader for brilliant of the week and let's check in with kim duffy prosecutors in harris county say they have surveillance video showing twenty-six-year-old lexus stag throwing s._u._v. in forward and reverse with their three young kids standing behind the vehicle trying to avoid it the mom claims they were playing a game a game that turned deadly when she hit and killed their three year old son stag claims she didn't know the boy was still behind her is now facing criminally negligent homicide the prosecutor's offices crimes chief says you should be playing peekaboo with the three year old instead of forcing him to try and don j fifty six hundred pound deadly weapon ken jeffey fox news idiot i mean it's got to be a special place in hell for somebody like.

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