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Platform to do that and to push our workout to the public but gatekeepers in these publishing companies that make it a challenge. And that's maybe we do all this self publishing but I'm Kinda you know we can have a conversation off line about how about that but Not Pulling on it but as a writer there are a lot of things that writes that you're kind of giving up and just your treatment of you as the author is just highly problematic. But he had to deal with the distribution which is very much now as part of the road for you because in addition to being a professor in which now you are formally family retired from. Yes but that doesn't mean that you are done doing this work so you give these lectures all over the place all over the country all over the world and then tab that you decided I'm going to be a content advisor and certified instructional designer which to me. I'm like we're that come from and so so what was the pathway that you decided to take and how how how you show up in these spaces as a person as a black woman doing the stuff having the pat pedigree that you have in your background but then entering this terrain that I can only imagine as highly gendered. It's highly gendered so I was on a editing eighteen when I moved back to Washington. DC from Ann Arbor Michigan when I left University Michigan and the editing team was comprised of me as a main editor and then a bunch of instructional designer and I got their work product. We redesigned training for Department of Transportation. And it was training mandated by the White House. Believe leave it or not and I can't even remember what the issue was but I looked at their work product and I said Oh they do exactly what we do every day as professors for a fraction of the cost. How do I get in on this? That's that little entrepreneurial slash Detroit all day every day we ought to hustle and I saw the invoices semester. Oh my goodness look at how much of these people for designing training using adult learning theory which you and I know as professors. We intuit wait what we know it either. By trial and error or formally educated. We have to learn learn adult learning theory and particularly if you leave by research one schools in tier one schools and you're suddenly teaching a to a population. It's really really diverse. In terms of their learning style. Always tell people you don't really have to know how to teach at Ivy League or research one or at your once school but you drop down to tier two or you go to a community college and it's a whole different ball all you have to know how to teach. I tried to rebrand myself and get jobs and I can never get jobs instructional designers I went back to Grad school as forget it. I'll go back to Grad school. I'll get credentials in instructional fractional design and as soon as I got those credentials I went out on the market and got all kinds of offers a couple of with my background as university professor the credentials. PhD The instructional design. Everything just opened up. And I feel 'cause daily people trying to bring me on project. I'm selective in the projects that I tell you a choose projects that like your projects that'll further whatever. My professional goal is like right now. I really really adobe captivate certified special which means I use adobe captivate software to design Online training and learning. I really WANNA master that so now. I'm just looking for our proud projects that allow me to use adobe captivate and really really learn it. She'll be certified as one one thing. Applying it on a daily basis. A whole different ballgame. Would that's interesting in and of itself in terms of just that pivot and the lack of fear that you had going in Dan as a university professor from University of Michigan to even Howard and then to say you know what. I'm GonNa do this other thing because has there are certain parallels to your point right where it's like. I have skills. That are transferable and that I think that is African descendants. We are pretty amendable and flexible in entrepreneurial too often times by You know it's just by reality right where you're going to instance where you have have to Kinda like okay I need to have. This is my main but I have these other thing on that. I'm interested in and that I need to do as part of my hustle but somehow still you dabble in the other spaces as well so that you're passionate around writing and your passion for traveling. Still you can still ignite those. Yeah I can But you know what I have to also give Kudos to my dad because the entrepreneur spirit comes from my father. Although my father had his undergraduate degree is in accounting and he was in graduate school for Masters Taxation. My father's main career was as a logistician and he was a top logistician for the Department of army until he retired but my father hit a point in his career where he got his career was going to become stagnant and he wasn't going to get promoted. So what is my father do started a trucking company because he had it on the accounting. Thank side he had a client wanted to start a trucking company with my father ran the numbers in tow the client. You really can't afford this so let me get the trucks and we'll either. I think they partnership and and so. My Dad ran a trucking company for years. His trucking company hop stale. I was just bookkeeper. Thank you talk on bookkeeping background to here. I am eleven twelve years old. I'm keeping in his book sin. I I started off just by sorting receipts and then. He taught me bookkeeper bound. So yeah so that comes from my father he was until my father moved to Metro of. DC my father always had multiple streams of revenue can see where you got your hustle thing. 'cause he's just like and then also of the time when your mom is a stay at home But then she's also the the captain of this ship right yes he also has a different type of responsibility and then still being able to be as a provider but then entrepreneurial right in being very selective in terms of the kinds of opportunities that he's GonNa take on that helps to support the family too and and you are still very close with your dad too so yeah. He's just such an inspiration in terms of lessons that you learned along the way failures that she experience in. How did you turn things around? And what continues to motivate you and doing the work that you're doing well. My first. Academic failure was in the eleventh grade because I got caught skipping school. He's I school to go to the library for probably about three weeks. Four weeks maybe the whole first half of the semester. So I I was having a little boyfriend and I knew better than a go get caught any place without because that was unacceptable so always told him meet me at the library and we will meet at the library. The Troy Public Library main aimed library on Woodward in the map section because it was quiet there and he would do his homework and I would do my homework and he would go to school and I sit there. You know. It's interesting that never called a truant officers on me because I was sick and then reliable the day. Wow well something happened that my father found out and although I had good grades because I will go to school to take my exams. My father told them to fail me in my three core courses for the first semester Chris. Connor Murphy so I got kicked off the team because of that wow. I was devastated devastating. I never felt like that again. I never did that Agai- and but my mother's proposal was since I was sixteen. Her proposal was allowed me to take the entrance exam going off to college for early. Admission and my father told me no I had to stay in highschool received a high school diploma but my mother realized that I was board was time for me to just go on to college so that was my first failure. It was a valuable lesson because I think when you're young and you're high academic achiever you need to fail at something because failure or if the part of life that you're not gonNA cheat all your goals and if you fail young you know how to recoup think if you fail when you're older after having had a lifetime of successes yes you don't necessarily rebound this easily do when you're younger.

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