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Yeah. They say I understand nine to five says Harper advisory ninety five hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of things say Bryce has been talking about his that we're going to shake, right? Yeah. It's a good thing. Maybe is that more is Morgan or Tim who says that that's? Shawshank PHD copes. Oh, really real donate to let that derail this Bryce Harper enthusiasm on way too involved in this this about me, right? I want to make this about Tim Robbins either. I wanna I wanna let it be on this show. Here's how we roll. We are super excited about the fact that Bryce has met with far haunt Barron bocce in Vegas yesterday or two days ago, and we're all excited, but the true stories that Adam copen wants this Bryce talk to subside. So that he can drive down the lane and DeMarcus cousins, my Kyle coups MMA on the argument we had about the three better minimum rule. Coves the honest. Would you rather you're talking Harper to the giants or you winning the argument if you'll admit you're wrong? I'd rather this because Bryce is still just an idea. I think right now this I have hard facts. I love this kid. An hour and a half ago. We were talking about the possible new rule of a batter pitcher having to face three batters minimum. And I said, okay. You know, what I'll take it? It's the baseball of my youth. Gary Lavelle, Greg Minton goose Gossage, you name them. None of this one off one off one off one off to go out there and pitch and Cope's goes, well, you can't have it both ways. If you're going to do that, you're gonna have to denounce Boches legacy. The man's entire legacy was built on the one out specialty as like. Not really I said, maybe on occasion. When you guys argue baseball. It's gonna be fun. You want me to do? Do the work. I said, yeah. Because I think you're thinking about the two thousand ten in LCS against the Phillies. Cope is not the kind of kid that's going to back down. I've noticed that. He ain't going to back down. He just handed me a about six pages. Seven page print out of every box score of the giants. World Series runs that feature times when bocce used hitters use pitchers to face one or two batters only. Here we go twenty ten LDS game too. He did it twice Lopez. Rama two thousand ten and LDS game for Lopez. Twenty ten has game. One Lopez twenty ten game two F L cassia thousand ten in game five Romo. Lopez Affeldt twenty seven World Series game one Romo. Lopez NFL two thousand ten World Series game to Lopez twenty twelve anti LDS Moda twenty twelve minutes. He s game two contests. Cassia twenty twelve DNA LDS game three Lopez two thousand twelve LDS game for me horas. Jose freaking me HARA. Be the craziest part about all. This is that that guy was on on and on and on. In other words, the three World Series runs were littered with time. You didn't get to the twenty sixteen copes? I was rur- rural. All right. Pretty good. That said I'm still not going to say that Bruce bocce entire legacy was built on the three or fewer bullpen move. Are you? I don't think the entire legacies. But I do believe that the reason a huge part of why they were able to win three world championships was his management of the core for no question. No, that's not even debatable. And if all the names, you just mentioned, I mean Lopez was like a dozen times in there, you gotta fill a bunch of times like his ability to save. This guy's got to go four hitters. This guy's got to go five. Yeah. Got to go to one. I think is maybe unrivalled by any manager in baseball. You start talking about those names and stuff, and yes, I agree boat you Madison beautifully, but how about how about just Affeldt in the postseason? You need outs. Go call Affeldt. Working game seven, dude. He was out there game seven getting some late today. Let the record show that today was the day. Huey Lewis came on. He was awesome. Yeah. That the Bryce Harper rumors kicked into overdrive or getting frothy in hand. It's the day that Adam Copeland just told Bruce Bochy. He's a one trick pony. A choke of a manager this now, I don't talk. Do. Creative. Tony checks. Only question is will the giants. Let Bryce where Dave Burba number thirty four. I think nice attempt at humor, Tony. But I believe it's Chris Stratton territory. Isn't it? It is on now some knowledge here. Yeah. Billy sadler. Maybe with a Bryce is gonna have to rip that number of by the wave only since this has become such a very weird moment in Murph and MAC show history where we're cross pollinating Stratton and Bryce I never thought it would come to this not even earlier in the show, but Murph I will show you I will make a big reveal right now on the program a confession of sorts from paulie MAC live before your naked streaming ears. Did you know that my tribute song was going to be nights in white Stratton? And that is honesty. John watts. This is this is what I call particles in years because they haven't been around and people think I can muster them up. It ain't like that. They come when they come and Murph right now, we got nights in wet Stratton. We got Bryson western we got thirty four swap through. This is crazy stuff going on at creative. Tony back me. We're this close to doing nights in white Stratton last year, and we just never recorded it. But now it's on the table. Do you brought it up? It's a lot of weirdness in the air right now. And I like this is crazy going do some blues for Bryce several reactions four eight I forgot motor was even on the squad..

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