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Discovery. Which is the magazine. Still running of the California Academy Sciences in San Francisco and sent it off and got a good response. I mean I think I was in search of something to say however when I got that Article Back. I proudly showed it to my father. Who was a journalist? White House correspondent actually at one point and Speechwriter rid knowledge light and he proceeded to edit the article already printed and sent it back out know and it was a humbling experience. But you know you. Editing is is a humbling experience you learn to take it earned from it and a years later when I was starting to realize that maybe this was a book. Nobody had written a book on Killer. Whales at that point and it was this history. I was kind of interested in learning about the whole of captured. Business was still happening in British Columbia. In we were able to our our small group were able to go out and watch. The aftermath of a capture is. Put a hydrophone down and listen to some of those whales that were captive so I realized there were a lot of dimensions to this story and I always kept a journal from their young so I had had a lot of notes so I asked my father. We've been talking back and forth. And he agreed to edit. You know help kind of blurred apprentice as it were to variety with him. Editing.

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