UAE, FED, President Trump discussed on BTV Simulcast


That I think the best thing for the economy. Central banks are going to go now at the time and ease now at the time where inflation, does not look like it's needs needs that kind of push your worry that, that could be some kind of helping bubble of in the market. Just because we have a administration over president who thinks that his performances is judged by the stock market performance. Right. Mohammed hits Terzi Alloway in Hong Kong. The fed is arguably responding to a potential slowdown in global trade, and the UAE has been one of the prime beneficiaries of global trade and also globalization in generals. I'm wondering how do you deal with that? Trade tensions story when it comes to the local UAE market. How do you position for it? Yeah. Not sure, I agree that the, the, the fed is acting because of slow trade in the world. I think it's acting because of pressures really by the president. I don't think the world needs now easing those, it's the tariffs that are the problem. It's the use of terrorists, Soza political, if you want to in order to try to push certain policies in the world, and that's usually a high-tension that's not usually a good for, for world trade. We agree. However, I think in the in particular Orion the region, we are, we are really if I may use the word hostages for the interest rates because we are completely affected the dollar, and that's not going to change in the short term and therefore today, we weren't happy with the increase of the cycle of the past. I'd say maybe like fourteen sixteen months, however, now a reduction of that kind of cycle in terms of interest rates. I mean, I think somebody will July the first one is gonna come twenty five bits and if we don't see another one maybe or two before the here. So I believe on the short term, I think maybe. The change of kind of the strategy move, interest rates would would vary between sectors. So I would say the state that will be good banks in general overall, they would be doing okay on the longer term. It could be better. Well, let's just pick up a couple of things at rate cuts,.

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