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From your breaking his vision i had elm but very busy morning very accident investigation department there were two fatal accidents one was at the corner of zinni's than later drier southeast we say a scooter slammed into a vehicle killing the scooter driver over at ninety eight than avalon road a vehicle hit and killed a pedestrian please i that accident happened off the roadway no ids have been released another incident involving the socalled itself capital creep is reported and santa fe this time came from a woman in her forties who says she was watching a movie last saturday night in her bedroom when she noticed the silhouette of a man outsider window she told police the man took off running when she approached the window to get a better look at him said if li snow heavy sketch of the suspect based on july fourth incident they think he could be connected to three other incidents last summer south capital neighborhood residents met with police last week about being on alert and how best protect themselves to albuquerque women are accused of embezzling millions of dollars seventy year old sir susan harrison sixty two year old share and more were the owners of our you dondo guardians a company that managed to financial accounts for hundreds of people with special needs federal investigators say the embezzlement began in two thousand six and continued until this year they face over twodozen charges that women are accused of using funds for things like new cars rvs and cruises for themselves and their families and aaa new mexico says the statewide average were gallon of regular unleaded gases to seventeen i reflects a one said one cent drop from last week says drivers meld kirk you're paying an average of 206 a gallon but a check on albuquerque gas prices dot.

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