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It's not the way by Gibson Homer There'll be a three person shootout for each team. It's not sudden death like it was last year. Each team picks their first three guys and the home team gets to pick if they want to shoot first or second, Mallory shot first. It was saved. Here's Duke. This is Dylan Duke. He picks it up moves from left to right. Iraq comes out to meet him. Duke winds up and shoots it right in to the chest. Of Rocky Exactly. Rock makes the save on Dylan Duke. To shoot out tries to wins by the goalie's Here's Nate Horn. Freshman Elk River. Minnesota skating in right to left on Gibson Homer comes to the circle near site makes you move goes Forehand backhand and then lost the puck on the way in. And it's poked away by Homer Air Force's top choice in the shoot out situation, as we've seen will be shot Noten John no not able to play. He's got a bad hand right now, so he's he's not able to play it all. We'll see Team USA. They send out ST Louis. This is faint, Luigi and coming out to meet him is LaRock makes a move goes around, shoots scores. The net came loose as ST Louis crashed into it, but not before The park went in and cross the goal line. What a beautiful move by the son of the Hall of Famer Martinsson Louis. He scores that goal slided by Iraq and here's Willy Rhyme. Reimer needs to score to tie this up. Rhyme will pick it up at center ice moving from right to left. Long strides. Top of the circle bottom of the circle makes the move shoots and know it looked like you did he score. Yes, he did score, okay? Light never came on either. I thought he scored and then I look for the light never saw the light. So Willie Ryan keeps it going. Nice move by Ryan. Getting a piece of it was Homer but not enough to keep it out. So we go the other way left to right. And this will be Hughes Hughes makes a move shoot scores And that will do it. That's two goals in that shoot out for Team USA. You're the one and that while they came out and celebrated, the refs told him stopping Now they're celebrating again. Luke Hughes. Wins the shoot out..

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