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Porter has more the tax haven of monaco is usually a sunny playground for the world's millionaires but the principality is ripe for scam artists under the pretext of raising money for urgent causes crooks have impersonated some of the may senior figures in the state encouraging victims to transfer money to foreign bank accounts particularly in asia law september for example a man impersonating monaco's ruler prince albert's setup a video call with a journalist trying to con her into contributing funds for the release of a journalist allegedly kidnapped by the militant group islamic state's in another sting a fake prince albert second made video contact with one victim apparently from his office at the palace messages were also sent on headed night paper from official bodies in monaco and phone calls were made appearing to come from the real numbers for the institution the government of monaco has confirmed the high tech stings but they've not named the prince in them they did say the targets have been leaders of society or people with responsibility i was porter africa's only female head of state the president of mauritius amina goody akeem has decided to resign following an expenses scandal her lawyer said she would leave office next friday ms goody fa kim told reporters she has nothing to feel guilty about as all the cash has been repaid a spoke to our africa regional editor mary harper about the accusations theme merchant president who is africa's only female head of state has been accused of using a credit card that belonged to an international organization that promoted science and technology in africa nongovernmental organisation she was accused of using this credit card that was meant to be used to fund scholarships for poor people she was accused of using it to buy luxury shoes clothes jewelry and places like eight.

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