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13 traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes brought to you by BJ's Wholesale club. Where's the trouble? Might? I can't really find any trouble this time around, Ben, But that's certainly a good thing here as folks hit the highways, they've got a good ride pretty much everywhere, including the expressway South. That really isn't bad at all. Now coming out of the tunnel really all the way to the Braintree split. That wasn't bad. North bound looks good. Coming up past self Hampton Street that brought him into 1. 28 had its issues a little while ago. But things are much better now. Coming down through dead Um and Westwood and Route three along the South shore. Yeah, just find this afternoon. How's the Mass Turnpike doing Well, let's have to double DBC news radio traffic copter. We're just over the big interchange here of the mass. Pike and 1 28 out here in lovely western. Well, the westbound side is doing very well from the city out here to 1 28. How about beyond that? Not bad heading out toward to 90 and 3 95 and offered I'm Christian AC in the WBC news radio traffic copter up north of the city. Things are good on the upper end of 1 28. I've got no incidents reported between Western and Peabody 93 is clear. 34 minutes from the second bridge up to 4 95. That's pretty good. And root one's an easy ride up has won 28 eventually into Danvers and Tom's field Downtown. Things aren't bad at all. The lower deck of 93 the Tobin Bridge, the airport tunnels are all doing well. Stroh Drive East is backed up just slows so slightly into Lefferts Circle. My king double visas. Traffic on the three window world of Boston is the choice to make to save on energy bills every season, beautify your home. With award winning windows, doors, siding and roofing guaranteed everyday, affordable prices. There's a window world of Boston calm now. That's window world of Boston, not calm clouds. Couple of snow showers possible tonight, especially near the coast. Emotion effect, snows could live a fresh covering in spots. As we head overnight.

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